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SSL provider Comodo to Present Paper at SAC Cryptography Conference

Head of Cryptography to investigate effect of key length on side channel leakage

Bradford, UK, 9 July 2003 — Comodo, the internet security specialist, has today announced that Dr Colin Walter, Head of Cryptography, Comodo Research Lab, has been invited to present a paper at the upcoming SAC (Selected Areas in Cryptography) Conference dedicated to cryptographic system design and analysis.

Held on August 14-15th at Carleton University, Ontario this 10th annual conference will, amongst other topics, look at the secure implementation of cryptographic systems in public key cryptography. Colin's paper is entitled "Is there Any Safety in Numbers against Side Channel Leakage?" in which he will examine how, for key lengths above a certain size in embedded RSA crypto-systems, any increase in key length actually reduces the security of the system against certain forms of timing and power analysis attack.

Colin has a formidable international reputation in the design of hardware and algorithms for the implementation of RSA cryptography and is the Program Chair for the CHES Conference. A senior member of the IEEE, Colin is most well-known to the international community for his invention of the first ever purely locally connected systolic modular multiplier array which is now the basis of the fastest SSL accelerator chips in the world.

Since forming in 1998, Comodo has operated a dedicated research and development lab, with R&D headquarters in UK and members of the R&D team based all around the world. The Comodo Research Lab is focused on the fundamental research and development of security solutions through its dedicated team of engineers and ensures the successful operation of the Comodo infrastructures. Comodo continues to support and sponsor numerous international cryptographic conferences.

About Comodo:

Comodo, is a leading Internet security specialist and provides next generation E-commerce Security Solutions. Through a growing range of products, services and applications developed by its dedicated research lab, Comodo provides software, hardware, secure messaging and certificate based security.

After its first year of issuing SSL Certificates, Comodo has quickly become the 2nd largest Certification Authority in the world. For product information please contact + 1.888.266.6361 or + 1.703.581.6361 or visit the Comodo Home Page at

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