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Dinosaurus Fax is destroying the rainforests

Mass migration to internet fax would be hugely beneficial to environment

New Jersey, 7th June 2005 — Comodo, the leading global provider of Risk Alignment Services claim that the transition away from traditional fax machines to online fax services would be a significant step in arresting worldwide deforestation.

Their paper, 'Save a tree. Send a Fax online', notes that faxing accounts for 5% of all paper consumed in US offices. This is equivalent to 210 billion sheets of paper per year, or 17 million trees. The relatively simple decision to send faxes via the 'net would not only help save large areas of the rainforests, but would also eliminate one of the most energy intensive forms of communication still in use today.

Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO Comodo Inc, believes that switching to Internet fax is a simple yet important step part of the evolution of modern society towards a more conscientious and responsible attitude towards the earth's resources'

"The transition from paper to digital media is happening across the whole spectrum of human communication. As email replaced snail mail, online faxing will supersede traditional fax machines. This change is a natural progression and is largely ineluctable – it is the rate of adoption that needs to increase. We are fast approaching critical mass with our depredation of the world's rainforests. Serious changes need to be implemented now if we are to create a viable and sustainable environment for future generations. Comodo are proud to take a pro-active part in the adoption of Green Technology"

The paper also highlights the productivity, efficiency and security gains that the average company can enjoy by moving over to online fax.

'Internet Fax has already made its case to business. It is now time to make the case for the environment.', Abdulhayoglu concluded.

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Comodo is a leading global provider of Risk Alignment Services and Business Infrastructure Solutions differentiated by security and total cost of ownership. Comodo's web hosting automation and infrastructure solutions offer enterprise class Digital eCommerce products and services. Leveraging from a broad range of security-centric solutions allows customers' telecommunications networks to become more intelligent, reliable, and secure. Maintaining an intense focus on customers who derive strategic value from their business infrastructures has paved the way for a diverse yet perfectly synergistic portfolio of security focused solutions and services. Comodo is the main driving force behind Establishing Trust initiatives for e-Business, curbing Phishing attacks and creating an Identity Assurance and Brand Protection framework.

Expertise with the life cycle management of Digital Certificate and creation of issuance tools enables Comodo to provide infinitely scalable security deployment to individuals and enterprises alike. Comodo is the world's second largest and fastest growing High Assurance Certificate Authority. |

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