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Comodo SSL attributes 2.5 times higher annual gain than overall market growth

Independent analysis highlights market leading gains in all markets including strong growth in the top four world markets : US, UK, Germany and Japan

8 November 2005. London – UK — Comodo Inc., a global leader in Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions and one of the world’s largest High Assurance Certification Authorities today reported annual gains across all major regions including market share gains in the UK of up to 12 times that of their nearest competitor with overall world wide gains exceeding 2.5 times the overall market growth.

Internet research from analysis authority Netcraft reported* regional growth rates for Comodo organizationally validated certificates of 2.47%, 4.38%, 2.81% and 3.71% in the US, UK, Germany and Japan. Comodo attributes these gains to the ongoing success of their SSL certificate pricing strategy, strong commitment to customer support and extensive branding and white labeling options. Comodo also witnessed a recent upsurge from their 4,500 strong reseller base following the introduction of many new innovative Identity and Trust Assurance solutions.

This latest Independent analysis clearly shows how the market is migrating toward solutions providers that continually provide innovation and value in this emerging identity and trust assurance space. Comodo’s results are tangible proof that we continue to provide value to enterprises seeking to increase customer trust and improve operational efficiency. We have been able to achieve this by focusing on building strong partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft and other browser providers coupled with the development of a comprehensive portfolio of patented technologies centered on creating trust online for consumers and all members of the Internet ecosystem.” remarked Judy Shapiro, VP of Marketing for Comodo.

According to the Netcraft data, Comodo now secures 11,600 more organizational validated servers than it did in November 2004, a growth in market share of 2.4%, with its closest competitor showing growth of 0.6% on the year.

More information on Comodo’s innovative Identity and Trust Assurance solutions can be found as follows:- Corner of Trust Logo™ ( Brand Verification ( Cross browser identity assurance tool VerificationEngine™ .

* October 2005 Netcraft Secure Server Survey, Netcraft Ltd – Organisational validated certificates (domain validated certificates reported separately).

About Comodo

Comodo is a leading global provider of security, authentication and assurance services for the Internet. Today, more than 150,000 customers in over 100 countries rely on Comodo to create trust in online transactions through distinct solutions that address the digital ecommerce and infrastructure needs of enterprises. Powered by Comodo’s Digital Trust Lab (DTL), Comodo is helping enterprises around the world improve customer relationships, enhance customer trust and create efficiencies across their digital ecommerce operations. Comodo’s industry leading solutions include integrated Web Hosting Management Solutions, Infrastructure Services, digital ecommerce services, Digital Certificate, Identity Assurance, customer privacy and vulnerability management solutions. For more information, visit Comodo – Creating Trust Online® –

Comodo can be reached on + 1.888.266.6361 or + 1.703.581.6361

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