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Media Alert: Comodo Senior Research Scientist Kenneth Geers to Lead Cyber War Lecture for NATO Selected Postgraduate Course

Lecture to explore the challenges of cyber warfare, protection strategies and what the future may hold

BRASOV‚ Romania.&mdash Oct. 26‚ 2016 — The dynamics of cyber war and its effect on the national security landscape will be addressed during an upcoming lecture, “The Art of Cyber War,” Oct. 27 and 28. Comodo, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, today announced that Senior Research Scientist Kenneth Geers will lead the lecture as part of an 8-week NATO Selected course, hosted by the Departamentul Regional de Studii pentru Managementul Resurselor de Aparare (DRESMARA). DRESMARA offers international courses designed and presented for military and civilian personnel, holding a university degree.

The internet has changed everything – including war. Cyberspace complicates the national security landscape by undermining traditional defense measures such as deterrence, escalation management and arms control. Skilled computer hackers take advantage of high asymmetry, low attribution and myriad avenues of attack. Although national security concepts must evolve with science and technology, national decision makers are finding the internet to be a wild card, with recent attacks on targets as diverse as Sony, the Democratic Party, the NSA and even the internet itself. Corporations and individual citizens are caught in the crossfire, because everyone today lives and works on the same internet. There is only one cyberspace.

In this NATO course for senior military officers, Dr. Geers will discuss the dynamics of cyber war, from the military, intelligence, law enforcement, corporate and civil society perspectives. He will examine a wide range of attacks, from the compromise of national critical infrastructures to the invasion of our social media space by hostile information warriors. Strategies and tactics for dealing with this threat and what international cybersecurity could look like in the year 2020 will also be covered.




    • Kenneth Geers (PhD, CISSP)— Comodo Senior Research Scientist, NATO CCD COE Ambassador, Atlantic Council Senior Fellow, Digital Society Institute-Berlin Affiliate, TSN University of Kyiv Visiting Professor; Twitter: @KennethGeers


  • Officers and civilian personnel from Ministry of Defense, other ministries and agencies with responsibilities in the fields of defense, public order and national security
  • Civilian personnel from public and private companies

What: “The Art of Cyber War” Lecture, part of NATO Selected Postgraduate Information Resources Management Course for Senior Officials– ACT 478

When: Thursday, Oct. 27, 2016 – Friday, Oct. 28, 2016

Where: Strada Mihai Viteazul 160, Brașov 500183, Romania

Course website:

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