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Internet Security provider Comodo Participates in World IPv6 Day conducted by ISOC

A Global-scale Test Flight of IPv6 Sponsored by the Internet Society

JERSEY CITY, NJ, June 6, 2011 – Ensuring the future of an open, robust Internet for decades to come, Comodo, a leading certificate authority and Internet Security organization, today announced that it will participate in World IPv6 Day on June 8 to test websites and technologies for compliance with the long-awaited, next-generation Internet protocol. The Internet Society (ISOC), a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to provide leadership in Internet related standards, education, and policy, is coordinating the 24-hour test of IPv6 for entities around the world. One of the goals of World IPv6 Day is to expose potential issues with websites deploying IPv6 under controlled conditions. “Together with major Web companies, we will enable IPv6 on our main website for 24 hours. This is a crucial phase in the transition, because while IPv6 is widely deployed in many networks, it’s never been used at such a large scale before,” said Comodo CEO, Melih Abdulhayoglu. “We hope that by working together, we can help the industry prepare for the new protocol, find and resolve any unexpected issues, and pave the way for global deployment.About World IPv6 Day On 8 June, 2011, GoogleFacebookYahoo!, Akamai and Limelight Networks will be among some of the major organizations that will offer their content over IPv6 for a 24-hour “test flight“. The goal of the Test Flight Day is to motivate organizations across the industry – Internet service providers, hardware makers, operating system vendors and web companies – to prepare their services for IPv6 to ensure a successful transition as IPv4 addresses run out. Manages Internet Traffic Comodo is the parent company of, which provides Domain Name System (DNS) solutions for network operators. DNS is a hierarchical naming system that translates domain names into numerical IP addresses. plays a key role in directing and managing Internet traffic, including the availability and security of websites and email. The company’s global network of name servers helps visitors get improved performance from websites, content and applications, ensuring that websites perform optimally. Comodo has been preparing for the eventual transition to the new protocol for some time and will be supporting the test on World IPv6 Day. According to Melih, “Participation in World IPv6 Day is a must to secure the Internet for generations to come and is an infrastructure test more than a consumer test.” “When Vint Cerf et al. created their Request For Comment (RFC) back in 1981, they never considered that all 4,294,967,296 (232) addresses would be exhausted within their lifetime. This next step gives the Internet a new lease on life and we welcome and herald it,” said Paul Lee, Director of IT at Comodo. About Comodo Comodo® is a leading brand in Internet security. With US Headquarters in New Jersey and global resources in UK, China, India, Ukraine, and Romania, Comodo provides businesses and consumers worldwide with security and trust services, including digital certificates, PCI scanning, desktop security, and remote PC support. Securing online transactions for over 200,000 businesses, and with more than 35 million desktop security software installations, including an award-winning firewall and antivirus software, Comodo is Creating Trust Online®. To learn more, visit Comodo’s website. For more information, reporters and analysts may contact: Robin Carley, Comodo Public Relations and Corporate Communications Office: 201-963-0004 x 4073 E-Mail:
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