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Comodo Launches New Advanced Endpoint Protection Solution

Clifton, NJ, February 16, 2016 — The Comodo organization, a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, today launched the new Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection solution, which protects organizations against both known and unknown malware by running all unknown files in automatic containment.

The Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection solution is built upon a Default Deny Platform, allowing known good files, blocking known bad files, while letting all unknown files run in a patent-pending container. Safely ‘jailed’ from accessing native resources required to exploit the endpoint, the unknown process or executable continues to be dynamically analyzed to deliver a verdict, which provides Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection customers protection against both known and unknown threats. Comodo has unified its advanced endpoint security solution and enterprise class device management – including Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection and Comodo Device Manager, and the File Analysis Platform Valkyrie – into Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection.

The Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection Strategy solution prevents infection, prevents any ‘patient zero’ scenario and solves the malware problem through Comodo’s unique layered approach. Leveraging Comodo’s global leadership as the world’s #1 certificate authority, along with the company’s industry-leading knowledge of known good applications and publishers, along with Comodo’s 85 million windows installations combined with the advanced human analysis provided by Comodo’s Threat Research Labs (CTRL) provides leading enterprise-class knowledge of known bad files. Instead of running all applications in perpetual containment, negatively affecting performance or requiring specialized hardware, Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection implements dual layers of STAP (Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection) both locally and globally. Comodo VirusScope performs Behavioral and Action based analysis locally, while the cloud-enabled Valkyrie provides sandboxed static, dynamic and even expert human analysis (for Premium customers). The Default Deny Platform and verdict-driven dual STAP layers ensure unknown processes and executables stay in containment for the least amount of time of any solution on the market today.

“Traditional attempts to isolate malware at the endpoint use default-allow thinking and sandboxing technologies, leaving the window open for patient zero to become infected,” said John Peterson, Vice President of Enterprise Products at Comodo. “Comodo’s approach is completely different – applying its patent-pending containment technology to the malware problem, which blocks all known bad files and allows all other executables – known good or unknown – to operate in a safe container. Comodo can then instantly analyze each executable and either allow it to pass (good file) or kill it (bad file), so performance is never impacted and most importantly, the endpoint and network always remain protected and secure.”

At RSA 2016, Comodo will be showcasing its Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection solution in the South Hall, Booth 1127.

How Comodo Solves the Malware Problem

Comodo is uniquely positioned in the security space with 85 million consumer endpoint users and a firm standing as the #1 certificate authority in the world(1). This combination allows Comodo’s default-deny platform to efficiently identify known good files (whitelist) based on the world’s largest repository of digitally signed applications, application publishers and even operating systems processes. In contrast, the 85 million consumer endpoint users ensure that the Comodo Threat Research Labs (CTRL) can provide the Comodo Client with the known bad files (blacklist). All unknown files are automatically run in containment, while an accelerated verdict is reached, both increasing usability and protecting the endpoint from being compromised.

The Engineering Behind Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

In contrast to virtualization or emulation – both very resource-heavy models – Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection uses an efficient default-deny platform, which allows known good files, blocks known bad files and automatically contains all unknown files using Comodo’s patent-pending containment technology. The container only contains unknown applications or processes. For example, an unknown plugin, not the entire browser, might be ‘jailed’ from the operating system, memory and registry while the Comodo analysis happens. Users are allowed to run the file while in containment, it simply can’t infect the endpoint or the network if it turns out to be malware.

Comodo VirusScope technology analyzes the unknown file at the endpoint for any malicious behavior and actions. The Comodo Client may also be configured to ‘call’ Comodo Valkyrie for a cloud-based accelerated verdict, based on static, dynamic and even human analyst interaction. Comodo Valkyrie typically provides a verdict, on average, of just 45 seconds, faster than any competing solution today. The accelerated verdict ensures the Comodo Client can quickly convert the unknown into a known and take action to reset the container (if malicious) or automatically release the file (if not malicious). Battle tested against Comodo’s endpoint installed base, Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection provides complete coverage of more than 99 percent of known and unknown malware used by today’s adversaries.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection can be provisioned in approximately 1 minute and requires an endpoint footprint of as little as 10MB, providing complete security through the enterprise market’s most usable solution for both physical and virtual endpoints in today’s large and small enterprises.

Features of Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Some of the new and improved features in Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection include:

  • Cloud-based management that provisions in just over a minute
  • Unified management of Android, iOS and Windows enabled devices
  • Fully integrated device management, application management and device security
  • Over-the-air enrollment and anti-theft features, such as find-my-phone and ‘sneak peek’
  • Automated containerization, Comodo VirusScope behavior and action analysis
  • Static, dynamic and human analyst (SLA) based analysis with Comodo Valkyrie
  • Remote monitoring and management, with full device takeover
  • Patch management
  • Enterprise-wide visibility of all running unknown contained processes or executables
  • Enterprise-wide, on-demand scanning for malware
  • Host firewall, HIPS, Web URL filtering, file reputation, jailing protection, certificate-based whitelisting, persistent VPN and BYOD

The Technologies and Platform That Make Up Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection


Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is now generally available. Contact for more information. At RSA 2016, Comodo will be showcasing the new Advanced Endpoint Protection solution in the South Hall, Booth 1127. RSA will take place February 29-March 4 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

About Comodo

The Comodo organization is a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, founded on the belief that every single digital transaction deserves and requires a unique layer of trust and security. Building on its deep history in SSL certificates, antivirus and endpoint security leadership and true containment technology, individuals and enterprises rely on Comodo’s proven solutions to authenticate, validate and secure their most critical information. With data protection covering endpoint, network and mobile security, plus identity and access management, Comodo’s proprietary technologies help solve the malware and cyberattack challenges of today. Securing online transactions for thousands of businesses, and with more than 85 million desktop security software installations, Comodo is Creating Trust Online®. With United States headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey, the Comodo organization has offices in China, India, the Philippines, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

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