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Virtual Browsing Through Comodo Internet Security Keeps Users Safe from Most Windows® System Vulnerabilities

Sandboxed browsing capabilities provided by Comodo Internet Security (CIS) keep users protected against Adobe® and Java™ exploits, which form the majority of Windows® threats

Clifton, NJ, December 17, 2013 – Comodo, a leading Certificate Authority and Internet security organization, today announced that their Comodo Internet Security (CIS) software, with virtual browsing capabilities, leaves users immune to damages caused by Adobe® and Java™ exploits, which account for two thirds of the vulnerabilities in Windows® systems exploited by malware. With CIS installed, users can easily switch from their regular desktop to a fully virtual environment before venturing online, protecting their real system from many vulnerabilities caused by inadvertently downloading out-of-date software.

A study carried out by AV-TEST over a period of ten years indicates that Acrobat® Reader® and Adobe® Flash®, and all versions of Java™ are together responsible for a total of 66 percent of the vulnerabilities in Windows® systems exploited by malware. Such weaknesses enable Trojans and other forms of malware to invade PC systems. According to AV-TEST, “Users who rarely update their software and use insufficient security software have virtually no chance when faced with specially prepared malware.”

“Cyber criminals are constantly developing malware to take advantage of new vulnerabilities in software.” said Egemen Tas, Comodo Vice President of Engineering, “To combat this, Comodo developed our virtualization technology so we could provide users with a free, fully isolated browsing environment with enhanced security. CIS’s virtual browsing experience is the easiest way for users to protect themselves from Adobe™ and Java™ exploits because anything that could possibly cause damage is kept separate from the user’s actual system. Why would you browse any other way?”

Comodo Internet Security creates a highly protective shield against viruses and malware through its innovative ‘Default Deny Protection™’ system. The software uses a combination of firewall, antivirus, host intrusion prevention, automatic sandboxing and behavior analysis technologies to quickly and accurately identify safe, unsafe and questionable files. While the core CIS software is identical across all versions, the paid versions are differentiated with additional services such as live support, online storage and encryption of Wi-Fi connections at public hotspots.

To download Comodo Internet Security, complete with the Virtual Kiosk, visit:

To view the full AV-TEST Study: Adobe® & Java™ Make Windows®

Comodo recently earned the only 100% Protection Rating among free security providers by To view the complete details of Comodo’s scores.

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