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SSL Special One-Time Promotional Offer for Customers – Comodo and HostDime Form Strategic Partnership

Internet Customers Benefit as Technology Partners Team to Provide Exceptional Value

JERSEY CITY, NJ and ORLANDO, FL, February 24, 2011 – Comodo and HostDime ( have announced today a strategic partnership created to offer a special discounted promotions of Comodo’s Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL ) Certificates with an annual purchase of any SSL Certificate for a limited time period.

We are pleased to partner with HostDime by providing their customers with an extraordinary value for SSL Certificates that has never before been available to consumers in order to create trust online and make Internet security affordable to all,” said James Langman, vice president of business development, Comodo CA Ltd.

The synergy between the two Internet technology companies has continued to grow and evolve over the years as they work together to build an environment where trust online is ubitiquous.

We are joining Comodo in this endeavor because we have come to admire and respect the ongoing work that Comodo has achieved in the security space and know that by combining forces we will be able to achieve our common goal while providing exceptional customer value in the process,” said Usman Arshad, director business development at, Inc.

With this special offer all new Essential SSL Certs will be priced at $20.00 year, down from $50.00. Additionally, all new customer sign-ups who register for any shared hosting plan get an SSL Certificate included with any shared hosting plan of their choice.

Any existing customer with an SSL certificate from another Certificate Authority, are also eligible to take advantage of these deep discounts by switching to a Comodo certificate and HostDime will add on an extra year at the one year price. Another discounted offer with this partnership is the sale of Comodo’s company validated Instant SSL Certificates for $50.00, down from $79.00 during this one-time offer.

About Comodo

Comodo® is a leading brand in Internet security. With US Headquarters in New Jersey and global resources in UK, China, India, Ukraine, and Romania, Comodo provides businesses and consumers worldwide with security and trust services, including digital certificates, PCI scanning, desktop security, and remote PC support. Securing online transactions for over 200,000 businesses, and with more than 35 million desktop security software installations, including an award-winning firewall and antivirus software, Comodo is Creating Trust Online®. To learn more, visit Comodo’s website.

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