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Comodo Named Finalist for IT Software Innovation at 2011 Golden Bridge Awards

Recognized for Auto-Sandboxing Technology, GeekBuddy and LivePCsupport

JERSEY CITY, NJ, July 29, 2011 – Comodo, a leading certificate authority and Internet security organization, announced today that Comodo is a finalist in the Golden Bridge Awards in three categories of innovation for its patented Auto-Sandboxing Technology™, GeekBuddy® and LivePCsupport software.

We are pleased to be recognized for not one, but three technological innovations in the software category including Auto-Sandboxing Technology, GeekBuddy and LivePCsupport as Comodo leads the charge in creating trust online for its customers,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, Comodo CEO and chief security architect.

Under Melih’s direction, the Comodo companies have grown since 1998 to a worldwide presence acclaimed in the industry for innovation and trust.

The third Annual Golden Bridge Awards dinner and presentation will take place in New York City at the Marriott Marquis held on Wednesday, August 10 at 7:30 p.m. Software technology industry leaders from around the globe will be attending the awards event to recognize and applaud the technology leaders receiving awards.

Auto-Sandboxing Technology

Auto-Sandboxing Technology ensures viruses and other malicious software are completely isolated from the rest of the PC user’s computer. Comodo Internet Security’s Auto-Sandboxing Technology protects the computer against malware. At the same time, it protects the PC user against permission headaches.

Auto-Sandboxing dedicates a small portion of the PC’s operating space to a virtual sandbox. Within the sandbox, the new file can install itself under close scrutiny and observation. If it has characteristics of malware, then Comodo Internet Security does not permit it to install in the working area of the PC, outside of the sandbox. To learn more about Auto-sandboxing technology see video at:


GeekBuddy is an online support service designed to give instant technical assistance to home PC users whenever they have problems with their computer. The service allows anyone with a Windows based computer and an Internet connection to receive immediate help from a Comodo security professional anytime of the day, seven days a week.

GeekBuddy software will monitor your PC and alert you to contact Comodo technicians when a potential problem is detected. The user can simply open the GeekBuddy chat client to begin an immediate conversation with a support technician. The technician will then work with the end user to correct any security problems and to implement solutions and improvements that will keep the machine running in peak condition. Typical services include comprehensive malware diagnosis and removal, performance tune-ups, software installation, patching, configuration and activation of controls to prevent ID theft.

This type of instant support has been available for years at large corporations with dedicated IT departments but never before at the consumer level. Up until now, consumers would have to call in an expert consultant, rely upon a trusted family member who is computer savvy or send their computer out for repair, or even worse yet, resort to buying a whole new computer to eliminate the problems they were encountering with their PC. GeekBuddy changes this by empowering PC users to efficiently and effectively resolve their PC issues on their desktop with a single click of a desktop icon.

See GeekBuddy video at:

LivePCsupport for Business

LivePCsupport for Business comes with Comodo’s world-famous security software and provides businesses the luxury of having their very own IT expert 24/7. LivePCsupport for Business features a dedicated IT technician to handle any IT needs and is chat-based rather than telephone-based. With hands-on support, Comodo’s technicians can help solve PC issues, via an Internet connection. The service includes many of the operations vital to keeping business operating efficiently. See LivePCsupport video at:

About Comodo

Comodo® is a leading brand in Internet security. With US Headquarters in New Jersey and global resources in UK, China, India, Ukraine, and Romania, Comodo provides businesses and consumers worldwide with security and trust services, including digital certificates, PCI scanning, desktop security, and remote PC support. Securing online transactions for over 200,000 businesses, and with more than 35 million desktop security software installations, including an award-winning firewall and antivirus software, Comodo is Creating Trust Online®. To learn more, visit Comodo’s website.

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Comodo Public Relations and Corporate Communications
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