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Comodo charts future with industry leaders to establish online trust through new class of EV SSL Certificates

CA/B Forum – a Comodo initiated industry organization of Certification Authorities and Browsers – is committed to provide online businesses with new Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates – the first SSL certificate supported by major browsers to offer identity trust indicators for a trusted online experience.

Jersey City, NJ (November 14, 2006) – As the Internet continues to evolve, Comodo , a leading global Certification Authority and provider of Identity and Trust Assurance Management solutions, is continuing to take the lead in promoting higher levels of identity authentication through the launch of a new SSL certificate called Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates. Emergence of EV SSL certificates was the result of Internet industry’s acknowledgment that there was a need to provide consumers with better identity assurance when they shop online. With threats from online fraud evolving quickly on the Internet, consumers needed better ways to confirm the identity of online entities to be sure they are safe. Comodo started the CA/B Forum specifically to identify these “trust” threats because consumers did not feel safe shopping online. Studies confirm that 20% or more of all consumers will not do business online at all because they feel they cannot establish true e-identity of online merchants. This erosion in trust has even caused the trusted Internet padlock to come under attack so that this symbol’s efficacy has deteriorated, leaving consumers vulnerable to phishing and fraud. In keeping with Comodo’s commitment to provide new and innovative technologies to authenticate digital identities for individuals, websites, organizations and business entities, the new EV SSL certificates offer e-merchants identity assurance that will be confirmed by the browser when a consumer moves to a secure page. To obtain this type of certificate an e-merchant will be authenticated using Comodo’s proprietary and highly scalable authentication engine that adheres to the highest possible vetting standards. EV SSL certificates are one more solution within Comodo’s integrated Identity and Trust Assurance(tm) (ITA) solution that enable an integrated, proactive defense against online fraud. “The introduction of these next generation SSL certificates is the culmination of over 18 months of work by the CA/B Forum,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, President and CEO of Comodo. “Comodo has been actively partnering with other industry stakeholders to address the diverse and evolving nature of online threats, and EV SSL certificates represent a significant improvement in empowering consumers to defend themselves against phishers. We, as technology providers, owe it to consumers to enable them to do better risk assessment in deciding whom to trust when doing business online through better identity assurance tools.” Additional information about the availability of EV SSL certificates:
  • EV SSL certificates are about to emerge under new validation guidelines to strengthen identity verification processes and issuance policies.
  • Starting in 2007, updated releases of web browsers, starting with Microsoft IE7, will give consumers the ability to instantly tell if a website has an EV SSL certificate because most major browsers are expected to provide consumers with a consistent green color address bar if the browser detects an EV SSL certificate.
  • Microsoft IE7 will be the first browser to be “EV Enabled” beginning very early 2007.
About Comodo Comodo is a leading global provider of Identity and Trust Assurance services on the Internet, with over 200,000 customers worldwide. With global offices in the US, UK, Ukraine and India, the company offers businesses and consumers the intelligent security, authentication and assurance services necessary to ensure trust in online transactions. As a leading Certification Authority, and in combination with the Digital Trust Lab (DTL), Comodo helps enterprises address digital E-Commerce and infrastructure needs with reliable, third generation solutions that improve customer relationships, enhance customer trust and create efficiencies across digital E-Commerce operations. Comodo’s solutions include SSL Certificate , Multi factor Authentication solutions, PCI compliancy services, Web Content authentication , Authentication email solutions , integrated Web hosting management solutions, infrastructure services Desktop Security Solutions Code signing certification , digital e-commerce white list technologies, Two Factor identity assurance and Vulnerability Management Solutions . For more information, reporters and analysts may contact: Comodo — Creating Trust Online® Email: +1 (201) 963 0004 x4073
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