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Comodo ensures the future availability of fully validated SSL Certificate

New York, New York – 12 December 2003 — Betrusted, the premier global provider of security and trust services, will supply trusted roots to Comodo, the world’s fastest growing SSL Certification Authority, the companies announced. This move is especially important in today’s market where website spoofing is rife and phishing scams plague both public and professional users alike, Comodo will now be in a position to continue to ensure the highest levels of validation are offered to the market.

“Comodo is pleased to offer its clients fully vetted server certificates chained to one of the most trusted and ubiquitous roots in the market, owned by Betrusted,” says Steve Roylance, Technical Marketing Director for Comodo. “Our contract with Betrusted allows Comodo to continue issuing trusted server certificates to our clients and insures the future availability of these certificates to our growing customer base.”

Comodo, through its Instant SSL range offers cost effective, fully-validated SSL Certificate with warranties. Comodo employs a stringent and highly efficient policy of full two-step validation for all SSL Certificates, verifying both domain name ownership and company legitimacy as part of the issuance process to ensure a safe and secure e-commerce infrastructure. Since the launch of InstantSSL in March 2002, Comodo has signed partnerships with over 2000 leading e-commerce providers.

About Comodo:

Comodo is the leading WebTrust-compliant enterprise solutions provider for E-commerce Security Solutions. Firmly established in the market, Comodo markets a range of innovative products and services developed by its dedicated research lab delivering software, hardware, secure messaging and certificate-based security.

Comodo offers its SEEOS™ Secure Enterprise Extensible Operating System for integrated network security, together with secure Linux applications delivered via its Trustix™ brand, SIDEN™ next generation ASIC, Instant SSL Certificates for securing web servers and patented web site verification and identity solutions. For product information please contact + 1.888.266.6361 or + 1.703.581.6361 or visit the Comodo Home Page at

About Betrusted:

Betrusted is the premier global provider of security and trust services to the world’s leading organizations and government agencies. Through its managed security services, Betrusted offers clients a comprehensive package of leading security products coupled with unrivalled expertise to help reduce costs, increase revenues and comply with government and industry regulations. For more information, please visit our website at Betrusted is owned by One Equity Partners, Bank One’s private equity group.

Bank One Corporation ( is the nation’s sixth largest bank holding company, with assets of $290 billion.

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