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Comodo Internet Security opens door to Trusted Input Security

Comodo’s SIDEN chip to go into production

New York– 27th November 2003 — Comodo, the internet security specialists, today announce production plans for their SIDEN™ TC4000 range of security ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuit). Addressing a broad range of hardware security requirements, and incorporating leading-edge cryptographic techniques optimized by Comodo’s renowned Research and Development labs, the TC4000 range will be available in mid-2004.

The growth of the Internet, electronic communication and e-commerce has resulted in a greater and wider use of hardware security solutions which now need to touch each and every element of system architecture. As enterprises become increasingly reliant on electronic communication methods, security becomes the critical factor for any successful implementation. Solutions for access control, authentication, confidentiality, privacy and data integrity are now driven not only by need, but by legislation. For example, compliance to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and CSBIA (Californian Security Breach Information Act) themselves demonstrate the growing legislative pressure that is focusing IT spending towards security solutions.

“The interest we have had from OEMs and Partners for this device has been astounding, even considering the fact that we knew that we were addressing many customer requirements within a single device. The enthusiasm of the whole industry to provide trusted computing solutions grows every day, and TC4000 will help to provide OEMs with immediate hardware compliance to trusted computing principles.” says Steve Roylance, Technical Marketing Director, Comodo.

NGSCB (Next Generation Secure Computing Base) is Microsoft’s answer to the issue of security. One of the four mandatory requirements necessary to create a complete NGSCB compatible solution is to provide a method for establishing Trusted Input. The SIDEN™ TC4000 not only meets Trusted Input requirements but goes well beyond them, ensuring that OEMs designing the devices into their products are able to address a broad range of needs with a consistent architecture. This results in maximum ROI for the OEM realized through minimum incremental development costs for new products and services.

Provided within the 64 pin LQFP (low profile quad flat pack), the feature set of SIDEN™ TC4000 allows use as a USB smartcard (key fob), an NGSCB compliant keyboard controller with smartcard interface or USB hub, or as a standalone smartcard reader.

Comodo is a member of the Trusted Computing Group, developing and promoting open industry standard specifications for trusted computing hardware building blocks and software interfaces across multiple platforms, including PCs, servers, PDAs, and digital phones.

For more information about SIDEN™ TC4000 see

About Comodo:

Comodo, is the leading WebTrust-compliant enterprise solutions provider for E-commerce Security Solutions. Firmly established in the market, Comodo markets a range of innovative products and services developed by its dedicated research lab delivering software, hardware, secure messaging and certificate-based security.

Comodo offers its SEEOS™ Secure Enterprise Extensible Operating System for integrated network security, together with secure Linux applications delivered via its Trustix™ brand, SIDEN™ next generation ASIC, InstantSSL Certificates for securing web servers and patented web site verification and identity solutions. For product information please contact + 1.888.266.6361 or + 1.703.581.6361 or visit the Comodo Home Page at

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