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Comodo cryptography expert to deliver keynote presentation at CHES 2004

Walter ahead of the curve on elliptic crypto-system leakage

Manchester UK 21 July 2004 — Comodo, the internet security specialists, today confirmed that Dr Colin Walter will be speaking at this year’s CHES (Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems) conference – underlining Comodo’s continued dedication to the advancement of cryptographic techniques and implementations. The CHES conference is arguably the most relevant cryptographic conference for academics at the forefront of implementing the latest crypto-systems in hardware devices.

Dr. Walter, Head of Cryptography at Comodo’s Research Lab in Bradford, will deliver his presentation at August’s conference ( He will talk about residual side channel leakage from smartcards which use the elliptic curve crypto-system (ECC) even when protected by unified code for doubling and adding points and all of the three standard randomizing counter-measures listed by Coron. It had been expected previously that just some of these counter-measures on their own would give excellent tamper resistance even on otherwise leaky hardware. However, this presentation upsets both these pre-conceptions and emphasizes the need for extreme care and expertise when designing hardware for containing secret cryptographic keys.

Comodo chairs the Trusted Input work group within the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) focusing on setting the future architecture and standards for trusted Input Devices.

Dr Colin Walter, Head of Cryptography, Comodo Group

Colin Walter has a formidable international reputation in the design of hardware and algorithms for the implementation of RSA cryptography. A senior member of the IEEE, Colin is most well-known to the international community for his long term research into Montgomery modular multiplication and, in particular, his invention of the first ever purely locally connected systolic modular multiplier array which is now the basis of the fastest SSL accelerator chips in the world.

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Comodo is an industry leading provider of information security, management and communication technologies- creating innovative and practical solutions for the SMB, enterprise, home, e-commerce, education, healthcare and governmental markets. Through its Infrastructure Solutions product line, the company endows its customers with a competitive advantage with a superior suite of enterprise security, networking and productivity solutions covering perimeter security, VPN, Mail and LAN. Other core technologies include intrusion detection, SSL Certificate, content filtering, end-point security and access management – completing a portfolio of solutions that comprise the industry’s best combination of security, performance, intuitive interface and value.

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