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Erdal Ozkaya

Chief Information Security Officer

Erdal Ozkaya

Dr. Erdal Ozkaya joins Comodo as Chief Information Security Officer. Dr. Ozkaya is a passionate, solutions-focused professional with a comprehensive global background in information technology, information security, and cybersecurity. He comes from Standard Chartered Bank, where he was Regional Chief Information Security Officer and Managing Director Middle East. Before Standard Chartered Bank, he was a Trusted Security Advisor and Cybersecurity Architect at Microsoft, where he perfected the art of mapping customer business problems to technology solutions. He remains committed to delivering accurate, accessible resources to inform individuals and organizations of cybersecurity and privacy matters in the internet age.

Dr. Ozkaya is a collaborative team leader with expertise spanning end-to-end IT solutions, management, communications, and innovation. He is a well-known public speaker, an award-winning technical expert, author, and creator of certifications (courseware and exams) for prestigious organizations such as Microsoft, EC Council, and other expert-level vendors with an esteemed list of credits to his name. Dr. Ozkaya is a graduate of Charles Sturt University in New South Wales.

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