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Boca Raton Christian School Selects Comodo’s Advanced EndPoint Protection and Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform for Complete Protection

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Boca Raton Christian School (BRCS) chose to implement the Comodo Dragon Platform and Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) to gain the benefits of a comprehensive security and network management platform, which they were not seeing with their previous provider, Symantec.

“We needed a company who would work with us to stay within our budget, and Symantec was already one of the lowest-priced options, but Symantec lacked advanced features and company support. Our end-users, I’m afraid to say, even though I love them very much, have a very low level of cybersecurity awareness or commitment to online safety, I, therefore, needed a solution that would be able to help offset my users’ errors and dangerous activities,“ said Ken Fry, Director of Technology.

Using Comodo’s solutions, BRCS is now able to completely protect all its teachers, staff and students, without slowing down their computers. This includes system patches, anti-virus file signature scanning, heuristic behavior analysis, sandboxing containment of unknown software, automatic file submission for human checks of unrecognized files, firewall protection, data loss prevention, and device control if needed. With Comodo’s patented Auto-Containment™ technology, even threats that cannot be detected by any cybersecurity platform are still contained within a virtual container to protect the IT systems against damage.

“We dropped Symantec due to lack of support, lack of features, and lack of confidence in the new owner of the platform. We were working with a Symantec Vendor who completely lacked initiative in providing support or guidance for renewal and upgrade options,” Ken continues.

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The outstanding overall customer experience that Comodo provides is one of the key reasons BRCS chose Comodo. “Our IT specialist had experience working with Comodo at a different school following a devastating ransomware attack, the Comodo experience was very positive, and that previous testimonial gave strength to the decision to roll with Comodo.” He continues. “the additional network management tools offered with Comodo are game-changing,” said Ken.

The Dragon platform with Advanced Endpoint Protection, is a complete cloud-native framework that delivers a zero-trust architecture to protect and defend endpoints. Its patent-pending auto containment technology has active breach protection that neutralizes ransomware, malware, and cyber-attacks. The auto containment runs an unknown executable in a kernel API virtualized mode, thereby offering attack surface reduction (ASR) which neutralizes ransomware attacks. The Dragon Platform also utilizes a Default Deny security posture with Default Allow usability to provide the most comprehensive protection against zero-day threats while having no impact on end-user experience or workflows.

About Boca Christian School

Boca Raton Christian School,, is a Private K3-12 School that has been partnering with parents to Equip Future Christian Leaders through Academic, Artistic, Athletic, and Spiritual Excellence since 1973. BRCS enrolls 650 students from Palm Beach and Broward Counties. Boca Christian promotes academic excellence in the context of a Christian worldview, starting from 3 years old, all the way through the 12th grade. Boca Christian prepares students to meet the world and to lead their generation in wisdom and truth. Boca Raton Christian School is a ministry of Boca Raton Community Church. BRCS is accredited with FCIS and ACSI, has 100% college acceptance, small classes with loving Christian teachers, 1:1 student computing K-12, and is situated on a beautiful well-equipped campus near the Atlantic Ocean on a hill in Boca Raton, SE Florida.

About Comodo

Comodo is the world’s leader of next-generation open source cybersecurity, with the industry’s most disruptive innovations.

We help customers stop breaches with groundbreaking auto containment technology that neutralizes ransomware, malware and cyber-attacks. Our complete cloud-native framework delivers a zero-trust architecture with active breach protection for the most comprehensive defense against zero-day threats. Comodo’s cybersecurity products maximize intelligent sharing between every component of the platform, therefore providing superior security. We are the only company that analyzes and gives a trusted verdict for 100% of files on a network.

Comodo leverages innovation to celebrate and support the cybersecurity community by offering the very first open source endpoint detection and response (EDR). We believe that an open source model using community-powered collaboration will ensure that every organization has access to the industry’s most sophisticated EDR.

Headquartered in Clifton NJ, Comodo’s global development team and threat intelligence laboratories deliver innovative, category leading, security solutions for thousands of companies’ endpoints, network boundaries, and internal networks. For more information visit

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