How To Get Rid Of Spam Mails?

Spam mails are not just nuisance. They pose security threats as well. Because of this reason, enterprises like you need antispam tools to combat mail related security threats and ensure enterprise mail integrity. Now let's try to understand what these antispam tools are and the role they play in safeguarding your enterprise mails.

How To Get Rid Of Spam

Use Antispam To Protect Your Mails

Antispam is a software which blocks and mitigates the effects of spam (illegal emails) on your network. They monitor your mails so that they stay clean and malware-free. Simply put, antispam tools ensure your enterprise mails don't turn into a 'gateway' or 'entry point' for malware to penetrate into your network.

How To Get Rid Of Spam Using Antispam Tools

To give a non-technical explanation, antispam tools inspect every incoming and outgoing mail and allow them to enter or exit the network only after confirming they don't pose a security threat to the network. Apart from this, these tools free enterprise networks from unsolicited mails (which may be from annoying advertisers to harmful hackers) and thereby save email bandwidth. Above all, they help enterprises like you adopt secure email policies which improve enterprise mail security.

What Your Antispam Tool Should Contain?

If you want the antispam tool you select to answer the question 'how to get rid of spam mails?' effectively, then it should contain the following.

  • Ability To Combat Zero-Day Malware:
    The most dangerous weapon of the cybersecurity threat landscape of today – the zero-day malware. They can very well affect networks through enterprise mails as well. Therefore your antispam tool should be able to detect and resist the zero-day malware.
  • Ability To Analyse Mails Quickly:
    Delay in receiving or sending of mails means enterprise downtime. After all, enterprises use mails for swift communication. Therefore ensure your antispam tools don't take too much time in scrutinizing your mails. Of course, mail scrutiny is needed. But the process should not be time-consuming.
  • Reliable Information To Act Upon:
    Just like with any security threat, enterprises need reliable information in order to combat email-related security threats as well. Because without reliable information, your antispam tool might throw up too many false positives which might end up annoying you.

All This & Much More Available With Comodo Antispam Gateway

Comodo Antispam Gateway (ASG) comes equipped with impressive enterprise email security features that easily make it one of the best in the IT security industry. ASG enterprise email surveillance system which combines two effective technologies, namely Valkyrie and Containment, ensures enterprise mails remain malware-free without affecting employee mail experience.


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Comodo Antispam Gateway offers:

  • Valkyrie Cloud-Based File Analysis – for quick analysis of emails
  • Containment – for restraining malicious email related files and preventing them from infecting enterprise networks
  • Protection Against Zero-Day Malware – by running unknown files within containers
  • Enhanced Email Experience – as enterprises are free to open, execute and use email attachments without worrying about any malware infection, while malware check runs in the background
  • And Much More: Spam Filtering, Phishing Protection, Default Deny Approach, Bulk Email Categorization, Sender/Recipient Filtering, IP Reputation Analysis etc.,

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