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Aquaflam is based in Deerlijk, Belgium and manages and sells fire extinguishing materials and systems to government agencies, businesses and individuals across Belgium. The company started back in 1979 and ensures the proper maintenance, inspections, repairs and upgrades to key fire extinguishing and fire deterrent materials and building systems including monitoring and maintenance of emergency lighting and automatic extinguishing systems – from server rooms to kitchen facilities.

“The business around Aquaflam is built in part around our ability to service our customers remotely and ensure there is never any down time with our service calls, our maintenance, or our upgrades to customers. The Comodo ONE platform is a great opportunity for us as a small business to take full advance of a free, proven, secure RMM technology that we think will help us to monitor and service our customers better.”
– Tim Debuf, IT Manager, Aquaflam


  • Aquaflam was looking for a new RMM solution as a means to improve business process and help its workforce monitor its customers, maximize workforce efficiency, and deepen its customer relationships
  • The company has a small workforce of nearly a dozen executives and sales leads, yet must manage the needs of more than 4,000 customers across Belgium
  • When looking at any new technology offering , the company needs to evaluate costs and performance – ensuring that the technology would deliver value for both its customers and its own workforce – while at the same time not adding cumbersome costs or sacrifice security or reliability



  • Aquaflam signed up for the free Comodo One platform – which pulls together Remote Management and Monitoring, Path ManagementService Desk and Device Management all under one platform tool
  • Aquaflam has started using the free Comodo RMM tool and uploading devices as an early adopter of the technology, to track and monitor endpoints
  • The company is already starting to see easier IT management for its customers and its workforce through the Comodo RMM tool


About Comodo

The Comodo organization is a global innovator and developer of cybersecurity solutions, founded on the belief that every single digital transaction deserves and requires a unique layer of trust and security. Building on its deep history in SSL certificates, antivirus and endpoint security leadership, and true containment technology, individuals and enterprises rely on Comodo’s proven solutions to authenticate, validate and secure their most critical information. With data protection covering endpoint, network and mobile security, plus identity and access management, Comodo’s proprietary technologies help solve the malware and cyber-attack challenges of today. Securing online transactions for thousands of businesses, and with more than 85 million desktop security software installations, Comodo is Creating Trust Online®. With United States headquarters in Clifton, New Jersey, the Comodo organization has offices in China, India, the Philippines, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

About Comodo ONE

Comodo ONE is a free to use, integrated platform for Managed Service Providers which combines modules of Comodo Remote Monitoring and Management, Comodo Service Desk, Comodo Patch Management, and Comodo Device Manager into a single, easy-to-use console. Comodo ONE helps MSPs to standardize and automate existing processes, view real-time data and alerts from customer networks, help reduce operating costs, and improve the quality of service.

  • Comodo Remote Monitoring and Management: empowers MSPs to automate routine tasks, monitor and manage multiple endpoints from one central console and proactively service their customers
  • Comodo Service Desk: provides professional service automation to manage service requests, service level agreements and ticket priorities
  • Comodo Patch Management: maintains up to date knowledge of all available patches from operating systems to third party software, and helps determine what patches are appropriate for particular systems and ensures that patches are installed properly
  • Comodo Device Management: allows companies to deploy and manage Comodo Endpoint Security, a multi- layered endpoint protection suite, as well as manage and secure all mobile devices on IOS and Android platforms

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