About Us

Our mission is simple, to Create Trust Online.

Social Responsibility ( PC Security )

Comodo Believes PC Security Is a Right, Not a Privilege

Comodo software has been installed over 25 million times and from practically every nation on earth to help people stay safe on the Internet. Comodo offers its highly-acclaimed PC security software for free. Unlike others, ours is not a stripped-down free trial version, or free for only 90 days. It's free, forever, and in the opinion of some (including us) it offers equal or better protection than the software people pay for.

Why do we offer great software for free?

Because none of us can realize the full potential of the Internet unless it's a trusted place to interact and conduct business. Under-protected PCs severely erode online trust and endanger us all.

While the user of an infected computer may suffer degraded system performance, financial loss and/or identity theft, the problem doesn't end there. Legions of computers infected with malware are under the control of the criminal underworld, hostile governments or terrorist organizations are being turned against us. Organized into “botnets" these infected machines distribute the world's spam, most of which is intended to defraud its recipient or spread more malware. The botnets also execute distributed denial-of-service attacks that can take entire websites, companies, or even countries, offline.

Like a highly-contagious illness, computer viruses and other malware can quickly spread from one person to another. They propagate far faster than human viruses do. This is happening now, and tens of millions of computers are already infected, with under-protected PCs the most easily infected. Various estimates suggest that it takes only minutes of Internet surfing to infect an under-protected PC, and that over 50% of PCs lack adequate protection. Among the reasons for this is the annual cost of security software, which can be especially prohibitive in the developing world.

Vaccinations against deadly diseases are generally available to people whether or not they can afford to pay for them. This reduces human suffering, prevents widespread outbreaks and makes for a generally better world. Comodo takes a similar view when it comes to protecting PCs and the people that use them. Until every PC connected to the Internet is protected, the Internet will not be safe and trusted. Comodo is doing its part to remove this barrier to a safe and trusted Internet.