About Us

Our mission is simple, to Create Trust Online.

Fact Sheet

The Comodo Family of Companies

Comodo Group, Inc.
Comodo CA Limited
Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.
Comodo Communications, Inc.

US Headquarters

200 Broadacres Drive, 2nd Floor
Bloomfield, NJ 07003
United States
+1 (201) 963-0004

Other Locations

Salt Lake City, USA
Manchester, UK
Bradford, UK
Iasi, Romania
Odessa, Ukraine
Chennai, India
Beijing, China

Main Website


Social Media Sites

www.melih.com - CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu's Blog
Comodo TV - Comodo's Internet Video Channel
The Comodo Forum – The 80,000+ member Comodo Forum site

Employees: over 600

Ownership: Private

Year Established: 1998

Principal Brands/Trade Names:

Comodo® - Comodo CA Ltd. & Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.
TrustLogo® - Comodo CA Ltd.
Painless PCI® - Comodo CA Ltd.
InstantSSL® - Comodo CA Ltd.
Corner of Trust™ – Comodo CA Ltd.
HackerGuardian™ – Comodo CA Ltd.
HackerProof™ - Comodo CA Ltd.
IDAuthority® - Comodo CA Ltd.
ThreatCast® - Comodo Security Solutions, Inc.
TrustFax® - Comodo Communications, Inc.

Note: The Comodo companies own additional names, patents and domain names. The absence of listing them is not a waiver of a Comodo company's intellectual property rights.


Creating Trust Online®

Principal Market Segments Served:
Home & Home Office
E-Commerce/Internet Merchants
Small to Medium Business
Large Enterprises, Institutions and Governments

Consumer and Small Business PC Software Users: over 25 million installations

Internet Users:
Tens of millions interacting and conducting business with the websites, email and other Internet applications that Comodo secures and authenticates

Business Customers: (primarily digital certificate holders)
over 700,000

Digital Certificates Issued: Over 2 million

Partners and Affiliates: over 7000