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Things have changed. Instead of just a simple website and email account, you're using complex networks of on-premises, mobile and cloud services to connect with your employees, customers and partners.

You have valuable data. Plus, you don't want to put your partner's at risk by letting threats into their networks. Your data and your access makes you an attractive target to modern cyber criminals who are using sophisticated threats to launch persistent attacks on your endpoints.

Your endpoints are the most vulnerable targets. Bots, brute force or DDoS attacks, keyloggers, malware, and ransomware - are constantly attacking your endpoints to gain access to your valuable data. You need endpoint protection that will stop known and unknown threats so you can focus on your business.

Comodo Endpoint Protection is all You Need to Do Business Safely

Only Comodo combines the complete coverage of a Default Deny solution in a lightweight client, deployed and managed in a cloud-based unified IT and Security Management (ITSM) platform. See for yourself, Advanced Security for Endpoints has all the features you need to keep malware off your endpoints, plus mobile device and app management - all at a price you can afford or try for free.

Don't take unnecessary risks by compromising on security. Solve your malware problem, protect your business affordably with strong endpoint protection, today

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management
  • Endpoint Management
  • Antivirus and threat containment
  • Multi-Platform Support (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Remote user and device enrollment
  • Unified Management console
  • Immediate threat notifications
  • Unknown file discovery
  • File Verdicting service
  • 200 device licenses
  • Community Support
  • 24/7 email and phone support
  • 1 month
Default Deny.

Cyber Security That's Fast and Effective.

Comodo is the leading global certificate authority with a unique advantage in visibility and validation of files versus vendors who defer to white listing. We have the world's largest database of known good apps and publishers. And we have the world's largest crowd-sourced intelligence of known bad apps and malicious software from our 85 million desktop security software installations around the world. This data is dynamic and constantly updating

We can protect you better, because we know the good from the bad, and anything unknown is automatically put into a container so you can use it safely on your endpoint while we analyze it in real time. We offer the fastest protection. Nobody else comes close

Comodo's unique Default Deny approach runs unknown files safely in containment so you have access your data and your applications while the potential malware is being analyzed. This differentiates us from others' who rely on Default Allow, they let unknown threats loose, and don't know about zero-day threats until a victim gets breached.

Cyber Security

Only Comodo: Unified IT and Security
Management Platform

Only Comodo combines the complete coverage of a Default Deny platform and Endpoint Protection in a lightweight 10MB client, deployed and managed in a cloud based unified IT and Security Management (ITSM) Platform.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection has all the features you need to keep malware off your devices, plus mobile device and app management.

Vulnerability Management

Comodo's unique automatic containment of unknown files protects you from vulnerability exploits. While other's wait for patches to be released, we prevent the known threats and unknown threats with VirusScope analysis on-premises and Valkyrie analysis in the cloud.

SSL Certificate:

We are the global SSL certification authority with proven solutions to authenticate, validate and secure your most critical information.

Known Good/Bad: Comodo is the largest global certificate authority of all known "good" code producers. Comodo Threat Research Labs provides the largest knowledge base of known "bad" files, with over 85 million desktop security users.

Unknown-Automated Containment: Comodo's patent-pending automated container technology stops zero-day attacks, 'jailing' unknown processes until an accelerated verdict is decided. Other vendor's need a zero-day victim to expose the threat.

Valkyrie Cloud Sandbox: Optional cloud-based connection performs static and dynamic file analysis to provide an accelerated verdict on unknown files in the container--typically in as little as 30-45 seconds, 5 times faster than other leading solutions. This prevents patient-zero scenarios. Threat updates are shared in real time across our customer base.

VirusScope: On premises. Machine learning is applied to see how malware exploits an endpoint and counter with a proactive defense. A virtualized container "jails files" attempting to contact the CPU, memory, filesystem, registry, and more. This keeps your device safe, while you continue using it.

Human Analyst: In cases where VirusScope or Valkyrie are not able to determine a verdict, the option to send analysis to Comodo threat research experts who return a verdict based on SLA timelines to ensure you have 100 percent coverage.

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Comodo Ensures Data Privacy with
Automatic Containment

Compliance regulations are just as stringent for SMEs as for large enterprises who have more resources. But with Comodo’s advanced containment capabilities your data stays on-premises, and only the executable or suspicious web call is sent to the cloud for analysis. This ensures data privacy, but also performance and usability because you can continue working with your data and apps safely while the analysis is done in real time.

Our ITSM includes features that equal

Small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) can be at greater risk for cybercrime because they generally don't employ people who are tasked with protecting them against hackers. The budgets are simply not there to dedicate full-time resources to security.

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