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The Best Free Endpoint Detection and Response Tools


The new normal work setup requires enterprises to double their efforts in protecting their organization against cyberattacks. In addition, with most employees working remotely, it’s harder to investigate malicious activities within the network, resulting in service downtime and lost revenue. However, businesses can keep their entire ecosystem safe and protected with an endpoint detection and response (EDR) tool. Although it usually comes with a flashy price, it’s a great thing that enterprises can now get free endpoint detection and response solutions that can help them fight cyberattacks.

What is Endpoint Detection and Response?

An EDR tool detects threats across the environment, providing deeper insight into what happened before, during, and after an attack, how it got in, where it has been, and what measures you should take to avoid it from entering your network again. Unlike an ordinary antivirus solution, an EDR tool offers real-time monitoring to ensure optimum protection against threats or malicious activities lingering around your network. Moreover, this tool helps your IT security team to detect threats, as it monitors and collects activity data from endpoints where it might penetrate.
Free Endpoint Detection and Response
In addition, an EDR solution also allows your security team to analyze data to learn its threat patterns. These tools also intelligently respond to identified attacks by removing or containing them. Once it detects a threat or suspicious activity, it also sends an alert to your security team with crucial data to fight the attack. With this, your security personnel would only need minimal time to respond to a threat, improving your employee’s productivity and efficiency.

How to Get Free Endpoint Detection and Response?

EDR vendors offer a FREE trial of their tools. This allows enterprises to determine which EDR solution is perfect for their unique situation, business goals, and needs. However, it’s vital to note that some providers limit the capabilities of their free trial promo, while some sources allow businesses to take advantage of their full security features. Free trial might be available for one month up to three months. For most enterprises, this will be enough to find the right EDR tool suited for their organization. Meanwhile, businesses can also benefit from providers’ free endpoint detection and response tools through their open-source versions. Open source EDR tools are designed to be publicly available to anyone that can modify the software as they see fit.

Best Free Endpoint Detection and Response Tools


Comodo offers its flagship cybersecurity product, the Dragon Enterprise platform. It provides organizations with enterprise-grade cybersecurity that delivers advanced endpoint protection. The platform also offers improved visibility into endpoints and an unrivaled zero trust architecture that simplifies breach detection, security, and visibility. Also, Comodo’s auto containment technology automatically contains all unknown files, potential threats, and malicious activities. This prevents attacks from affecting one endpoint to another. Its starting price is available on request, while businesses can also use its open-source version and FREE trial.


Meanwhile, Kaspersky offers a continuous centralized event aggregation and visibility. In addition, the company can tailor its solution, allowing it to detect only suspicious or malware events. This helps organizations to save disk space on the central node. In addition, Kaspersky also takes pride in its several features, including automatic detection, manual detection, containment of the detected threat, restriction, and role-based workflow management. Kaspersky EDR has a starting price of USD39.95 per year. It also offers a free trial of its tool.


On the other hand, OSSEC is an open-source and free endpoint detection and response tool that delivers log analysis and real-time monitoring. Although it is available for free, it still has EDR features offered by other providers. For instance, OSSEC scans and analyzes log data coming from endpoints. It also has malware and rootkit detection, providing file-level scanning to detect suspicious apps within the network. Moreover, the free security tool can also actively respond using firewall policy benchmarking when integrated into third-party apps.

TheHive Project

As one of the open source EDR tools, TheHive Project brings impressive security to the masses. It provides password protection for RAR or ZIP archives. This tool also imports ZIP archives that contain suspicious data or malware. In addition, it has advanced filtering options that enable enterprises to personalize alerts. The free solution also provides filtering and easy export. Moreover, it also gives an overview of IPs, URLs, addresses, domain names, hashes, and files to offer forensics and incident response via a web interface.

Key Takeaways

Enterprises must integrate an EDR tool into their network to ensure outstanding protection against cyberattacks. However, businesses also must find the best cybersecurity that can offer them the right features suited for them. Comodo has a free endpoint detection and response tool through its open-source version. This allows businesses to benefit fully from its solution, as it lets them customize their software according to their business needs. Schedule a complimentary discovery session with Comodo to find the best EDR tool for your business.
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