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Why You Need Endpoint Security for Mac?


Every endpoint can be vulnerable to cyber threats — even Mac devices. That’s right. Mac systems are not immune to common security attacks such as malware and ransomware. Apple, the creator of this device, even admits that malware is a serious issue on Macs.

Unfortunately, Mac cyber threats were not a primary concern back then. The majority of security teams focus on the Windows systems since they have a vast user base. But today, many employees use a Mac device for work, which provides a place for attackers to invade. Because of this problem, it is crucial to learn more about endpoint security for mac.

The first steps towards endpoint security are being aware and taking action. As such, this article will tackle endpoint security for mac and how you can apply it to your organization.
The State of Endpoint Security for Mac Users in 2021

There has been a rise in Mac users over the past decades. For instance, many workers have begun to use Mac due to the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Some people have also switched to Mac due to their love of using Apple devices like iPhone and iPad.

But, in 2020, studies have proven that Mac devices are not immune to cyber threats. That is why there is a need for comprehensive endpoint security for mac in an organization. Below are some examples of the top Mac cyber attacks that happened in 2020.

Endpoint Security for Mac
  • Silver Sparrow — utilizes the JavaScript API in the Mac installer to execute commands
  • ThiefQuest — ransomware that spreads on a Mac device through a pirated software
  • XCSSET — malware that spreads in the Mac device via an Xcode project in Github

Additionally, Mac does not have a comprehensive tooling system, unlike Windows and Linux. As a result, Mac devices lack the visibility needed for endpoint security strategies.

The majority of companies that use Mac in their workforce often rely on users to keep the system updated. However, the lack of a comprehensive plan is a challenge for most companies that use Mac.

Reasons Why You Need Endpoint Security for Mac

Endpoint security for mac is a tool that protects Apple computers from attackers. One reason why you need endpoint security is due to the popularity of Mac devices. Over the past decades, many have been using Mac due to the BYOD policy, and now, the Coronavirus pandemic. Because of that, it opens to new endpoint threats which you need to fix.

In addition to that, most developers use Mac as an operating system for the workforce. As we all know, security in a developer’s device is essential since it contains sensitive data. It is also the target for most hackers. Applying the best practices for mac devices would help.

Best Practices for Mac Users

As said earlier, there has been an increase in Mac users over the past decades. However, a built-in Mac security alone cannot protect your device from all the cyber attacks. Below are the best practices you should do to improve the security of mac devices.

  • Stay vigilant

    — Make sure to stay away from untrusted sites, links, and emails. When in doubt, ask a knowledgeable person about it first before taking action.

  • Update to the latest version

    — Updating the device reduces the risk of vulnerabilities. Also, it helps in fixing the security flaws in the mac.

  • Install software from trusted sites

    — Downloading software from unofficial sites is often the reason for cyber attacks. As such, you should only install software from the official Mac App Store.

  • Use antivirus products

    — Antivirus software can protect you from common cyber threats. To maximize security, combine it with other security tools as well.

  • Set admin roles and permissions

    — Limiting admin accounts can reduce the impact done by successful cyber attacks. Also, it helps other users to be productive while reducing the risk of threats.

  • Backup

    — Cyber attacks are inevitable, and it is crucial to backup all data regularly. As most people say, prevention is better than the cure.

Level up Your Mac’s Endpoint Security with Comodo

Doing the best practices can improve the security of your Mac devices. But, if you wish for a better result, you should upgrade to the next-level endpoint security solutions. Comodo provides comprehensive endpoint security for mac solutions for various organizations. Get in touch with Comodo today to learn more about endpoint security in your Mac device.

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