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Why Small Businesses Need to Improve Security Maturity?

There’s a strong need for an enhanced state of security maturity as organizations—especially small businesses—continue to face different challenges as time goes by. This doesn’t only give a company a stronger competitive edge but also a strong protection against bad actors and a plethora of security threats. Ultimately, this security solution optimizes an organization’s EDR platform.

What are Security Maturity?

The term maturity refers to the specific levels of a security assessment. There are five maturity levels you should get familiarized to:

1. Initial

Processes could be somewhat ad hoc and yet to be defined, with the exemption of localized documentation.
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2. Managed

There are established metrics, which are used as the basis for process management. However, processes may not be consistent across the business and there is no focus on evaluating the efficacy or acquiring feedback. Put simply, there is no notion of success even if the processes are being followed.

3. Defined

Processes are acknowledged as standard business procedures with detailed workflows, work instructions and registers used to record process outputs.

4. Quantitatively managed

Metrics are collated from each process and forwarded to a process governance committee in charge to analyze and report on process efficacy.

5. Optimizing

Calls for disciplined optimization and continual process improvement for the betterment of the process management. The assessment of every business aspect is assigned to a team of business analysts.

Correlation of an EDR Platform and Security Maturity

Organizations should make sure that their EDR platform is properly configured to efficiently share information with other facets of their security infrastructure. Doing so helps each of their security systems to do a collaboration in an effort to identify and extinguish threats. If you’re looking to get the most out of your EDR platform, you need to establish an advanced security maturity solution. This means that you should be continuously performing security awareness training, updating security policies, and implementing security processes.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

Today’s digital landscape has led businesses to rely on technology and cloud service solutions to allow remote workforces and continue to deliver services and products to their customers. As such, having gaps in technological security can leave your organization standing on unstable ground where it’s easier for cybercriminals to do their malicious acts. This is why implementing streamlined cybersecurity is important—so you can have the first line of defense against attackers and ultimately protect the whole of your business operations. Your company should proactively assess your security maturity, identify weak points through a reliable EDR platform, and continuously build strategies to manage cybersecurity risks.

Constantly evaluate your cyber strategy and risk

It’s understandable for small businesses to lack the attention to focus on essential cybersecurity elements because they would rather spend time and resources on actually running their business. If this sounds like you, it might be a great idea to seek guidance from experienced consultants who can help you improve your resilience against a growing threat landscape. Partnering with a trusted advisor can help enhance your security measures by evaluating where your business is today, and how your company plans to adapt and grow to stay competitive. They can also assist with assessing compliance and regulatory requirements as part of realizing a successful security program.

Networks should have an end-to-end protection

Every connected network across your organization requires proper security elements to help maintain the protection of those networks. The good news is, you can now simplify your network security by choosing a dependable vendor that can meet both the connectivity needs and security elements your business needed to help protect connectivity. This can be achieved through proper visibility and reporting where you’ll be able to demonstrate your efforts to remain compliant with industry regulations, as well as your commitment to your customers and help protect their privacy.

Endpoints should be managed and protected

Endpoint devices, such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and other IoT devices are basically the doors through which businesses run—both internally and externally. That’s why it’s essential for these endpoints to be managed and keep highly secured. You can do this by pushing out software patches for vulnerabilities and utilizing solutions that are able to detect zero-day attacks.

Capacity to identify threats and deliver resolutions

As a small business, you should be able to identify and respond to threats in real-time before they even worsen. This can be done by integrating security monitoring across your network’s cloud and on-premise environments. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to deal with security intelligence completely on your own. It’s always smarter to seek help from advanced threat intelligence researchers who can provide you with managed security services.

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These are just some of the major reasons why improving your security maturity is important. Even if you don’t currently have the same resources, tools, and professionals that large businesses have, remember that you can always start with a simple online assessment to help you understand where you are in your security maturity. Have an EDR platform as part of your security program! This protects your precious network data from being compromised. Call us today at Comodo to get the protection you deserve.
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