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  Don't Text So Close to Me

Heavy vehicle drivers who send text messages from the road are 23 times more likely to be in a vehicular crash than drivers who don't, according to a survey from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

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Historic New Software from Comodo
March 3, 2010, was a historic day in the worldwide struggle against malware. That was the day that Comodo introduced auto-sandboxing for Default Deny Protection™. Since October, 2008, Comodo Internet Security has offered whitelist protection against malware.Learn more
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Europe bans incandescent lightbulbs
Europe imposed a ban on incandescent light bulbs last fall. We're all in favor of saving energy using fluorescent light bulbs in closets and basements. But fluorescent lighting's narrow spectrum... Learn more
Historic New Software from Comodo
Inside Scoop
Comodo Dragon Browser Tightens PC Security
Undetected Malware: A Growing Threat for Internet Users
Comodo Dragon Browser
Technical News
Comodo Dragon is a new browser based on the Chromium Project open-source software. As you would expect from... Learn more
Melih CEO Of Comodo Explains Comodo Vision
Comodo Vision
Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and founder of the Comodo companies, explains the problem of undetected malware...Desktop Security - You Need Three Layers
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Comodo Mailbag
Keep the Monthly Insider's editor running at peak performance by sending an email today... Your suggestions for the Comodo Chuckles section... More...
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Study about Human Impacts on the Environment-at Yale--Free Or Global Problems
of Populations Growth. Or The Psychology,...
Comodo Recommends
Comodo Time Machine
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Step into the Comodo Time Machine
Comodo Time Machine is a powerful system rollback utility, allowing you to take a snapshot of your system at any time, and roll back to that time if necessary. Learn more
It's Not Easy Being a Green Browser Bar - This month is the second anniversary of version 1.1 of the Extended Validation (EV) digital certificate... Learn more
Are You a Nerd?
You may not have a pocket protector, but if you understand how Comodo Internet Security's auto-sandboxing really works, you just might be a nerd. If you know that the opposite of a QWERTY keyboard is a DVORAK, you probably are. Settle all doubt by
taking this quiz
Do Cash Register Receipts Reduce Your Testosterone Level?
We don't really know, but since we learned that thermal printing paper contains Bisphenol A, we recommend washing your hands after shopping to avoid ingesting this zenoestrogen. Also popular: letting somebody else pay.
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