You spend a LOT of money on endpoint security...

So why are you still getting infected?

Advanced Endpoint Protection for Small and Midsized Business

You're getting infected because unknown files are allowed to run on your endpoints. This is called a "Default Allow Posture" and it's dangerous because every malware or virus starts its life as an "unknown."

Then why isn’t everyone using a “Default Deny Posture,” where only known good files are allowed to run on their endpoints?

While a Default Deny Posture offers you the highest security it also has the lowest usability and, because of this challenge, using a Default Deny Posture has not been practical…

1.9% of all the files running on your network are malware.*
All it takes is one data breach to damage your business.

*Based on forensic intelligence from Comodo Valkyrie™ Cloud Based Sandbox, static and dynamic analysis.

A revolutionary, patented innovation has created an industry first:
Default Deny Security with Default Allow Usability

Now you can prevent infections by running only known good files on your endpoints—without disrupting workflows. Comodo® Advanced Endpoint Protection runs all unknown files in a lightweight virtual container while they are used and analyzed in real time.
This breakthrough delivers default deny security with default allow usability.

Comodo® Advanced Endpoint Protection empowers your users with access to both the information and files they need while preventing unknown malware from running on your network.

Based on our revolutionary Default Deny™ Platform, Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection denies access to all known and unknown malware. Comodo protects your endpoints from cyber threats—ranging from viruses to Trojans, to advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day attacks—on patched or unpatched machines with new or old CPU operating systems, whether they are running on or off your network.

Our Default Deny security Platform identifies the unknown malware and prevents it from running on your endpoints—only validated the good files are allowed to run. Comodo achieves this breakthrough in endpoint security with patented CPU-enforced OS virtualization technology that isolates unknown files in containment.

Users can run unknown files in the virtual container, where no harm is done if the files turn out to be malicious. So productivity remains high with zero risk of infection. The virtual client uses neglibile resources and is transparent to end users whether they are at work, at home, or on the road.

How Do You Find Unknown Files Hiding on Your Endpoints?

Traditional Default Allow endpoint solutions can’t keep pace with the millions of new malware files that are created every day. These platforms don’t recognize unknown code as malicious so their default policy allows the malware to run on your endpoints.

On the other hand, Comodo’s breakthrough Default Deny Platform allows known good files to run on the endpoint, prevents known bad, and runs unknown files automatically in virtualization protecting your endpoints while forensic analysis is conducted in real time.

Is your network breached?

You can run a forensic analysis to identify all the unknown files and find the malware hiding on your network. ComodoAdvanced Endpoint Protection solution will identify all known and unknown files on your network so you can create a clean baseline of 100 percent known good files.

Run a forensic analysis to find the malware hiding on your network.

It’s fast and free

How do you know your network hasn’t been breached?

You have thousands of unknown files running on your network and you don’t know which ones are good or bad. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection will perform a detailed forensic analysis on each and every file and only the good files will be allowed to run on your network

See what your security missed. Identify the malware lurking on your network.

It’s fast and free