Revolutionary security that keeps your endpoints

100% malware free

Advanced Endpoint Protection for Small and Midsized Business

Comodo’s breakthrough security prevents known and unknown malware from running on your endpoints so your network stays malware free.

Unlike most endpoint solutions that rely on a blacklist to block known bad files but allow unknown files to run on your endpoints - Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection runs all unknown files in a lightweight virtual container-where they can be used safely and analyzed automatically - for a verdict of either good or bad.

Productivity is assured and no malware runs on your endpoints.
This is how we deliver default deny security with default allow usability.

Comodo prevents unknown malware from running on your endpoints with our revolutionary Default Deny Platform™.
Our patent-pending CPU-enforced OS virtualization technology enables you to run a viable Default Deny Security Posture—where unknown files are automatically placed in a lightweight virtual container on the endpoint and analyzed in real time.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Default Deny Security with Default Allow Usability

Your endpoints are 100% malware free with a viable Default Deny Security Posture. You can manage and protect any device, whether it’s on or off your company network with Comodo™ Advanced Endpoint Protection.

Forensic analysis returns a verdict on unknown files in about 45 seconds. Good files are allowed to run on the endpoint CPU and malware files are removed. The virtual client uses negligible CPU resources and users can open unknown files safely in containment, so productivity continues.

One Suite Delivers Complete Endpoint Protection

Lightweight Endpoint Client, Forensic Analysis and Unified Management

Only Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection delivers the breakthrough security of our Default Deny Platform with static and dynamic file behavior analysis in a lightweight endpoint client with unified IT and security management integrated across all your endpoints—all in one suite..

Comodo Client

Combines the complete coverage of our Default Deny Platform in a lightweight endpoint virtual client (only 10MB), deployed and managed by our unifed management platform. Using the strengths of our digital signature-based whitelist and malware blacklist, and automatic containment for unknowns—our Default Deny Platform

prevents malware from executing on your endpoints. Automatically, VirusScope AI/Machine Learning provides a local verdict of unknown files and, to accelerate verdicts, unknown files are sent to Valkyrie for simultaneously.

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Comodo Valkyrie™ Cloud Based Sandbox, static and dynamic analysis

Analyzes the 73 billion file queries and 300 million unique unknown files that are submitted annually. Static and dynamic file behavior analysis and, when needed, expert human analysis, provide accelerated verdicts for approximately 200 million known and 1 million unique, unknown files every day. Forensic intelligence helps you predict your attacks next move for a proactive defense.
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Comodo Valkyrie™ Cloud Based Sandbox, static and dynamic analysis

ITSM brings all your endpoint management needs together— including the remote provisioning, configuration and control of Android, iOS and Windows devices—into a unified SaaS platform that streamlines operations and reduces risks from the limited visibility and potential security gaps of multiple point products and management tools.
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Complete Protection, All in One, Endpoint Security Solution

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection secures all your servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices from known and unknown malware--without requiring signatures or updates. And, it supports Android, iOS, Windows or Linux systems, regardless of the type or age of the endpoint hardware.
You can see and manage everything though the single dashboard of our unified management platform,

“Comodo’s Web-based control console is simply laid out, with the sequence of steps you need to accomplish shown right on the front page, and the workflow steps listed on the main menu down the left-hand side of the screen.”

Jul 5,2016