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Volume 2 | Issue 11 | November, 2009
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Technical News
Be Very Selective about the Apps on Your Mobile Device
"Giving someone your contacts list is like (giving) a goldmine to a criminal," said Comodo CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu on WPIX-TV's Help Me Howard segment, advising caution in downloading applications to mobile devices. "You give more credence to an e-mail from a friend…or from your Mom that says, 'honey, get this application, it's one of my favorites."
Read the entire transcript at If you like the information, please leave a comment there, to encourage the producers to invite Melih back to spread the word about cybersecurity.
Melih Abdulhayoglu: Comodo Offers Free Email Certificates to thawte Customers
Melih also wants you to know that "Comodo continues its commitment to free email security. We care for end users and we won't abandon them."
Savvy email users understand that any plain email they send or receive can be read or altered if someone intercepts it (remember Sarah Palin?). Many of them choose to encrypt their emails.
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Comodo Joe Recommends
As a security specialist, I recommend using the strongest possible password to protect your online identity. Here's a good password formula.
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Comodo hopes this doesn't happen to you
You need support with an online product or service. You click "contact us" and type in your question.
The computer responds "Please check this list of FAQs and see if one of them will answer your question."
"Duh!" you shout. "If I wanted to check your FAQs, wouldn't I have gone there?"
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Ask Comodo Joe
Dear Comodo Joe:

I love playing MMORPGs. Can I use Comodo Internet Security for online games? Do you have an automatic gaming mode?

Fred in Fresno
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Comodo Chuckles
National Flossing Day is November 27 in the U.S. In honor of the day, and hoping to find a good flossing joke or two, we looked at No flossing jokes, but ten pages of hilarity ®
When you rearrange the letters:
When you rearrange the letters:
Have Fun!
The Comodo.TV team hopes you’ve been enjoying our programs and is pleased to present our newest production, Dangers on the Web. In this dramatic presentation, we show some of the dangers facing all Internet users today in a way that we think people will easily be able to relate to. For example, did you know that the amount of new malware discovered daily approximates the number of words a person speaks daily? Or the amount of money lost by US Consumers due to malware over the past 2 years would have paid the tuition of over one million US College Students? You will better understand the importance of the Internet security Comodo provides after watching this program (and if you know someone who really needs to take Internet security more seriously, this will help)  
Comodo Mail Bag
Hi! Comodo Scribes
In regard to your reference about Australia being a continent (Survey results, September issue). I agree it is, so how do Wikipedia (you sent me to it) arrive at the highest mountain in Australia being Puncak Jaya in Indonesia?
Just for the record it is Mount Kosciusko at 2228 metres or 7310 feet. Wikipedia also quoted the population of Australia as 32 million. In 2008 it was 21 million. Indonesia's population is 237 million?
Sort of shakes my faith in Wikipedia.
Yours Sincerely
 Ray G
Ray, as a Wikipedia editor myself, I hope you read the site with healthy skepticism. Anyone else have any feedback about renaming the continent-formerly-known-as-Oceania-or-Australasia into Australia? --ed
What's new at Comodo?
Matousec gives Comodo first-ever perfect score
thawte discontinues free email certificates—but not Comodo
Survey of the month
How tactful are you when someone has bad breath? Colgate assesses your communication skills at
Special Thanks
"As the first product, Comodo Internet Security reached the perfect score against all 84 tests in the testing suite. Congratulations!" wrote the editors of the Matousec challenge site.
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