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  Pieces of eight! Piracy in the
21st Century

Children raised on Peter Pan and The Pirates of the Caribbean (or The Pirates of Penzance) are alarmed to learn that piracy persists, and that it's not fanciful. Learn more

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Comodo's CEO and founder, Melih Abdulhayoglu, was born and spent his childhood in... Learn more
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Inside Scoop
Inside Scoop
Intelligent Single Women Needed at
Free dating site is in search of a few intelligent women interested in fun, flirtation and.uh.fraternization... Learn more
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Intelligent Single Women Needed at
Report Describes Ingenious New Malware
Process Explorer: Major Benefits over Task Manager
Technical News
Technical News
Even software that Internet users have long assumed were safe can now be infected, according to security... Learn more
Comodo Vision
Comodo Vision
You may have been a victim of cybercrime, or know a victim of cybercrime. Watch this video and you will know how to report a cybercrime.
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Comodo Mail Bag
Comodo Mailbag
Last month's featured article of texting when driving scares me as my 16 year old daughter is about to get her driver's license.. More...
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Comodo Dragon--Now Based on Chromium 4
Your browser collects a lot of information about you - anonymously of course...
Comodo Dragon
Comodo Recommends
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Process Explorer: Major Benefits over Task Manager
When I run a lot of processes and one of them hangs, Task Manager just doesn't cut it for me. I may have six files named svchost.exe running (or hanging) at one time. How do I know which one to kill? Learn more
Who Loses More Money in Online Scams: Men or Women?
The recently-released US Federal Cybercrime Complaint Clearinghouse IC3 annual report based on complaints filed with law... Learn more
What did the bottom of the Tesco Tiramisu dessert box say?

Visit to see Tesco's warning. is a site famous for recording "urban legends" as well as fallacies, misinformation, and strange news...
Learn more
If You're a Mule, You Look Like an Ass
Sorry, but it's true! Security-conscious Internet users know that malware can harness thousands of PCs together to send spam, or to become undetectable servers for people robbing online bank accounts. Learn more
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