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November, 2009
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Outdated Server Software Creates Security Gaps in SSL Transactions
Why Creating Internet Security Is Important
Let Comodo Videos Help You Market Comodo Certificates
TLS Encryption with Outdated Server Software Risky
Web servers that permit users to inject new negotiations into ongoing secure sessions may allow interlopers to inject themselves into encrypted Internet transmissions.
Avoid Compromised Communications
The "Idealist Geek" Speaks: Why Creating Internet Security Is Important
A word from Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO of Comodo
My vision for Comodo was driven by the idealist geek in me-I wanted to create a secure Internet solution to benefit the human race. Trust requires security, building infrastructures, tools, services, which is required for the entire model to function effectively. The Internet must succeed, it must be secure, and that's what motivates me...
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Market Comodo Certificates with Comodo Videos
Helping customers understand the features, benefits, and overall value of the Comodo CA products you are selling just got easier. Simply by embedding videos about them you will speed their understanding and further differentiate both of our companies as leaders in Internet security and trust. This has certainly been our experience at Comodo since we launched a major initiative in early 2009 at both Comodo.TV and, and everything we've produced is now available for your use as a Comodo Partner. Product overviews, How-To programs, Case Studies, Internet Trust and Security News and Commentary and even the occasional humorous program are all available for your use. This video provides a brief overview of what we have available and how easy it is to get started. If you have questions or suggestions for the ComodoTV team, please e-mail us at
Unfortunately, You Can't Handcuff Laptops to Employees' Wrists
It's hard enough to protect sensitive corporate data stored on your premises inside locked offices. It is even harder to protect the information that walks out the door, inside USB keys, laptops and PDAs. Learn about seven best practices to protect your organization's data in this article by Comodo authors at
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