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Revolutionary Trust-building Tool Now Available
BuyerTrust Launched
Comodo has introduced BuyerTrust, an added purchase protection for merchants to ensure check-out satisfaction to their customers, while increasing their conversion.
BuyerTrust eliminates buyers' apprehension about shopping online with lesser known merchants and helps them to feel safe enough to transact.
Comodo BuyerTrust
How does it work?
Comodo verifies and validates your business (ensuring BuyerTrust only affiliates with legitimate and trusted merchants)
Provide you with a BuyerTrust site seal
Work with your customer to rectify any claims, and if no resolution can be reached, we will refund your customer the full amount of their purchase, at no further cost to you
Learn more about BuyerTrust by visiting the homepage
BuyerTrust will be available for Comodo Partners soon!
Inside Scoop
Enhancements to HackerGuardian and HackerProof products
The HackerGuardian and HackerProof team announces the latest version of the HackerProof and HackerGuardian which have been released on March 16th.
Overview dashboard
Setup wizard
Simplified layout
Quick sort tables
Additional email alert rules
Simplified scan scheduling
Improved device management
Let your customers know about these updates.
Contact us at for more information.
Comodo Secure
Industry News
White House Cybersecurity Plans Revealed
Cyber security is one of the most current and relevant threats facing the country. Howard Schmidt, American's new Cybersecurity czar pointed this out
at the RSA conference, reiterating a point President Obama made almost a year ago. The initiative that was introduced, known as the "Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative" or CNCI was released at the conference and is comprised of 12 specific initiatives. Among these initiatives are:
Establish a front line of defense against today's immediate threats
Defend against the full spectrum of threats
Strengthen the future cybersecurity environment
See the complete list here
Revolutionary Trust-building Tool
Enhancements to HackerGuardian and HackerProof products
White House Cybersecurity Plans Revealed
How to report a cybercrime
How to report a cybercrime
A new video advises about Know how you can help the cybersecurity initiatives of the CNCI? Help by reporting cybercrimes and educating your customers on the issues. The FBI has established an organization to take cybercrime complaints and coordinate law enforcement efforts to track down the criminals.

Watch the video to learn more
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