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Our technology partners have leveraged Comodo's extensive experience,
knowledge, and expertise to create numerous custom Public
Key Infrastructure (PKI) solutions.

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More than a trusted SSL Certificate Authority

Comodo is also a trusted technology partner in the innovation of PKI by some of the world's largest companies.

Some of our technology partners include

Comodo in collaboration with Microsoft to help create the Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) for use with Exchange Server 2007 and Office Communications Server 2007. See our UCC Certificates page for more details.

Comodo pioneered the CA/B forum that brought the Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate. Through partnership with major browsers, including Mozilla, users now have a new visual indicator, the green address bar, for the highest assurance certificate in the industry.

Embedded Comodo public root certificate into Intel® vPro™ and Centrino Pro processing chip firmware. With a Comodo Pro Series certificate on setup and configuration server, IT Departments can create a trusted and secure connection to users' machines. See for more details.

Comodo, through partnership with Hewlett Packard and Digital Persona, has fully integrated personal certificate provisioning via Privacy Manager Pro allowing millions of HP users worldwide to secure their email and IM conversation and send files securely. See for more details.

Comodo worked with PKWARE to introduce a PKI security feature into their SecureZIP product. Use of Comodo digital certificate allowed secure file and e-mail exchange. Comodo also helped create the SecureZIP Global Directory – a repository of SecureZIP user public keys to facilitate secure information exchange.

Through its partnership with Parallels, Comodo has fully integrated its SSL certificate offerings into Parallels control panel for seamless ordering and provisioning of SSL certificates benefiting thousands of hosting providers worldwide.

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