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Comodo Internet Security 2011 Stops Viruses & Malware Before a PC Becomes Infected
A Strong Tool in the Internet Security Arsenal with Patent Pending Sandbox Technology Consistently Delivers Aggressive, Proactive Security. Comodo announces the release of its Internet Security Manager 2011 software. Comodo® Internet Security 2011 (CIS 2011) offers unparalleled malware
Comodo Internet Security
prevention together with powerful central administration features for businesses with dozens to thousands of PCs. New in version 2011 are behavior analytics and fully ... Learn more
Comodo Internet Security 2011 Stops Viruses & Malware Before a PC Becomes Infected
AV-Test's "Paid Vs. Free" AV Product Comparison
AV Test
Technical News
AV-Test's "Paid Vs. Free" AV Product Comparison
Comodo, announced the results of a paid vs. free Antivirus (AV) test comparison of paid NortonT/ SymantecT software to free Comodo® software. The testing which focused on completely new viruses - which were not yet detected by traditional or "in the cloud" signatures Read more
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Protect your files.
Protecting yourself against losing the important things you want to keep is the Second Point of PC Protection...
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"How the Fierce Handle Fear: Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging TImes"
COOL BOOK ALERT! Handling fear is a huge skill to...
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Good Books
Q: GeekBuddy! GeekBuddy! What's a 'drive-by-download' attack?
GeekBuddy says:
A 'drive-by-download' attack is a malware delivery technique that is triggered simply because the user visited a website .
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A doctor, a civil engineer and a programmer are discussing whose profession is the oldest."Surely medicine is the oldest profession," says the doctor. "God took a rib from Adam and created Eve and if this isn't medicine I'll be .Learn more
Use 'Whole Disk Encryption' to brick your laptop against thieves.
A stolen or lost laptop can yield a rich trove of data to whoever comes into possession of it. Data thieves can use information on your machine to steal money, steal your. Learn more
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