Comodo Monthly Insider
Volume 2 | Issue 12 | December, 2009
Technical News
Comodo Internet Security 3.12 Now in 17 languages
Our award-winning anti-virus and firewall are now installed on more than 15,000,000 computers around the world. This year Comodo introduced protection for PCs in 17 languages:
Brazilian, Chinese... 17 languages  
Bah, Humbug or Ho Ho Ho?
Tony Bradley declares Google's holiday initiative a humbug on his blog at PCWorld. Free Airport Wi-Fi   
Ask GeekBuddy
Geekbuddy, I want to do my holiday shopping online this year. What precautions should I take? Internet Shopping Precautions  
Geekbuddy recommends
When I shop online, I look for the green browser bar. When the address bar of my browser turns green, it means two things:
First, it means that all my personal information that I am sending to the online merchant is encrypted. People on servers in between might be able to intercept our communication, but only the merchant has the "key" to unscramble what I send. That means that my credit card number and my shoe size are safe.
Find out more about how to stay safe while shopping online  
Comodo Chuckles
Please don't tell GeekBuddy, but Comodo Monthly Insider's editor admits to engaging in more than one of the 10 habits of superstitious users, a rollicking article by Jaime Henriquez at TechRepublic.
Comodo Vision Planning to avoid the H1N1 virus by staying out of the shops and trading online? Be sure you're not exchanging one kind of infection for another, warns a video produced by Comodo.

Dangers on the web  
Comodo Mail Bag
I installed your product in my home PCs and found that it is too good, in such a manner that wherever I go to my friends and family, I recommend they install Comodo firewall.
Can I mention your product in my personal web-page?
Best regards
Manuel, thank you for...Read Answer
What's new at Comodo?
Happy Holidays from Comodo
Survey of the month
Haven't I Seen You Somewhere Before?
The BBC's Face Memory Test checks how well you memorize and recognize faces. You test yourself in three segments. Please allow 2-3 minutes per segment with 5 minutes in between.
Facial Recognition  
Special Thanks
Thanks to all the Comodo Internet Security readers who voted for the Comodo Firewall in the InfoSecurityProductsGuide Global Product Excellence Award.
Comodo Internet Security is now officially an Excellent Global Product, available in 17 languages.
Award Winning Software  
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