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September, 2009
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MashSSL Technology Secures Web Apps
Nonprofits qualify for discounted Comodo products via TechSoup
Secure Multiple Domains and Save with Comodo EV
Powerful Security
Liverpool Football Club Liverpool Football Club Uses a Comodo Certificate to Secure Its Online Sales

"We want to give our fans and visitors the best possible protection" said Michael Crowder, Operations Manager of the club Digital Media department. Learn more at
Comodo Discounts Security Products to NPOs
Comodo is proud to partner with TechSoup and offer vulnerability scanning and SSL certificates at a discount to qualifying non-profits and libraries.
Learn more about how your nonprofit organization can secure its website and network with Comodo products at http://www.techsoup.orgSome restrictions apply.
One Comodo EV Multi-Domain Certificate is Security, Assurance, and Affordability
If you have more than one secure site, you can save time and money by buying an Extended Validation multi-domain certificate from Comodo for as little as $99 per domain.
Learn more about how multi-domain certificates can save you money at
Continuing our vision of a secure and trusted internet, Comodo offers certificates for use with new technology with SafeMashups
A traditional SSL secures the connection between only two-parties, end-users browser and your server. But now a new technology, MashSSL, can secure your sever, the end-users browser, and any data..
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Why are consumers concerned about phishing?
A lot of people aren't sure what phishing is, until it happens to them. Phishing is a malicious attack that intends to acquire sensitive information that could include usernames, passwords, personal...
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Educational and Humorous Videos at
Humorous Video at Comodo TV Remember to check out Comodo's brand-new video site at We're running the gamut from comedy to news to information.

Painless PCI Compliance
EV SSL Certificates
A Little Humor
Coming up at Comodo
September 16-18 Comodo will be a gold sponsor at the National Association of Government Webmasters conference in Galveston, TX
October 5-7 Comodo Security Solutions will exhibit at the 4th annual cPanel conference in Houston, TX
October 13-14 Comodo will be an exhibitor at the SC World Congress, presenting its solutions for enterprise IT security, in Manhattan
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