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October, 2009
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Scanning in the Clouds
Penetration Testing
Comodo Pledges Support for National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Comodo joins other national organizations in recognizing October 2009 as National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The National Cyber Security Alliance, a consortium of government agencies and private industry sponsors, organizes this campaign to increase the public's awareness of cyber security and crime issues, so that citizens can take precautions to avoid those threats on the Internet.
Be Very Selective about the Apps on Your Mobile Device
"Giving someone your contacts list is like [giving] a goldmine to a criminal," said Comodo CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu on WPIX-TV's Help Me Howard
Mobile applications
Smaller Companies Are Larger PCI Compliance Risk
According to Byron Acohido, "Ponemon and Imperva surveyed more than 500 companies globally that cumulatively generate annual revenues of $5.6 billion
PCI Compliance Risk
Please Avoid This Costly Misunderstanding
Some companies I've spoken to have the impression that PCI compliance for e-commerce is the responsibility of their hosting provider. This isn't true.
Mike Richardson writes in his blog. He goes on to say that only in rare cases do hosting providers provide the PCI compliance that any business that accepts credit cards has already guaranteed to ensure. If your customer data is breached, if there's a fine, it's your money on the line.
Comodo Webinar about PCI DSS for Business Offers News and 20% Discount
Small businesses may not keep close tabs customer information, putting themselves at risk for fines, and their customers at risk for identity theft
PCI DSS for Business
Comodo HackerGuardian™ Keeps You PCI Compliant
Scan in the Clouds to Avoid Data Breaches HackerGuardian™ now includes a patent-pending process for scanning vulnerabilities of internal networks in the cloud.
Comodo HackerGuardian
Penetration Testing: Take security to the next level
Security and compliance are business dilemmas that most face regularly, and so Comodo is now offering penetration testing by certified in-house testers.
Penetration Testing
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PCI DSS Webinars November 3 and 5
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