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Privacy Manager for Businesses


Privacy Manager, available in HP ProtectTools and from DigitalPersona, makes it easy for you to protect your documents, email, and instant messages. You can:

  • Digitally sign documents and email to prove they were created by you and haven't been modified.
  • Encrypt documents and email so they can only be read by the people you intend them for.
  • Create quick approval workflow by adding signature lines to Office documents and spreadsheets.
  • Know that the person you are chatting with in Microsoft Live Messenger is who you think it is.
  • Keep Live Messenger chats private.

Now, Comodo, the World's 2nd largest Certification Authority, and DigitalPersona, the world's leading provider of fingerprint software, have teamed up to make Privacy Manager easy for your business as well.

With Comodo Secure Email Certificates, your IT staff can create and manage business-grade certificates for your organization's employees, partners and other computer users.

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Business-Grade Digital Certificates

Comodo Corporate Secure Email Certificates work with Privacy Manager from DigitalPersona to ensure the security, confidentiality and integrity of email, instant messages and documents. Business-grade certificates certify users' names and email addresses, making digital signatures more appropriate for strong audit and compliance requirements.

Business Grade Digital Certificates

Best of all, you can administer your Comodo Secure Email Certificates centrally through the Comodo EPKI Manager, our secure and convenient web-based console.