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How Do Managed Security Services Protect Your Organization?


Even before the pandemic, businesses have relied on cloud technology. They use the cloud to improve access to data for improved collaboration. But sensitive data also needed heightened protection that security managed services can provide. These often include 24/7 monitoring, online risk management support, and more.

However, small to midsize businesses don’t have the budget for a proper cloud security strategy. You can hire a reliable managed security service provider (MSSP) instead. Their vulnerable security system makes them a target for cyberattackers. It is also why you need MSSPs and their security managed services.

MSSPs protect organizations using the following security managed services and tools:

Intrusion Detection Systems

These systems notify MSSPs when malicious activities and security policy violations are detected. In addition, intrusion detection systems monitor your network and ensure their uptime.

Outsourcing intrusion detection systems is more cost-effective than handling cybersecurity threats in-house. Going in-house will require an expensive investment in technology, manpower, and regular training. Hiring an MSSP is more practical, especially on a limited budget.

Security Managed Services

MSSPs also have the resources to keep up with the fast-evolving cyberattacks. A less reliable security system would detect the threat too late. On the other hand, intrusion detection systems can address the latest threats as they come. It beats paying for a costly recovery after a successful attack.

Intrusion Protection Systems

These systems keep track of network traffic. They leap into action if an activity occurs based on set intrusion parameters. These systems work in real-time to monitor threats. They can point out unauthorized usage of resources and denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Security Incident and Event Management

This tool monitors, zeroes in, records, and assesses security incidents in real-time. It helps MSSPs oversee your IT infrastructure for easier monitoring and control.

Next-gen Multilayer Firewalls

These firewalls are your first line of defense against unauthorized users or malicious software trying to access your network. MSSPs use firewalls to add another layer of protection to your system.

Off-site Data Backups

Studies show that ransomware attacks will cost businesses an average of $133,000. Around 94% of these attacks use email to distribute malware. It is more prevalent in countries with a lot of people who go online. You’re going to need data backups if a ransomware attack holds your data hostage. Security managed services see to it that you’re well-prepared if you get attacked.

Compliance Management

Security managed services are a worthy investment if they help meet compliance standards. MSSPs can oversee every compliance requirement to avoid problems with the regulatory bodies. Most of them might only conduct audits upon request. However, they can recommend tasks that will help you meet compliance standards efficiently.

If you don’t hire the right MSSP, you might need to constantly review everything as part of an auditing process. It can be exhausting, time-consuming, and a waste of resources.

Cybersecurity Liability Insurance

While all the security measures and tools are in place, it pays to be proactive about things. In case a cyberattack succeeds, you should cushion yourself from its financial fallout. You might have to pay some penalties and deal with the loss of reputation, sales, and profits. It might take a while for you to recover, but at least your liability insurance can help.

End-user Cybersecurity Training

What good is there in having the latest cybersecurity tools and software if you don’t know how to use them? You need proper training to make the most of your security tools. Even if you outsource security managed services, your employees still need security awareness. It helps reduce human errors, which cyberattackers can use to launch an attack.

Quick Incident Response

As of 2020, a data breach due to a cyberattack costs an average of $3.86 million. Therefore, before a successful attack occurs and costs you a lot of money, your MSSP should respond to the incident fast.

Quick incident response can help you find your network’s vulnerable points. Even if the attack fails, you can analyze your vulnerabilities and strengthen them.
If your MSSP gains insight into an attack, they will know what threats and risks they are facing. They can tweak your security managed services to address your weak spots. Their quick response can save you a lot more money in the future.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Experts

Outsourced providers of security managed services focus on protecting your IT infrastructure. As a result, they are not forced to divide their time and attention into different IT tasks. Instead, they devote their time to performing cybersecurity tasks. Outsourced MSSPs also hire seasoned IT security staff.

Final Thoughts

Itarian has dedicated cybersecurity experts to provide the security managed services you need. Our MSSP Platform comes with intrusion detection, network security monitoring, and more. We have IT experts who can assess your security data. They will use it to develop actionable intelligence to improve your cybersecurity measures.

If you want custom security managed services, let our experts help you. Contact Itarian today and enjoy the security solution that will give you peace of mind!

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