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Should You Outsource Cyber Security Management


Cyber security management gets more and more crucial as the need to protect sensitive data against the wrong hands grows in importance. This is true for companies of all sizes, especially with the surge in remote working since the breakout of COVID-19.

The rapid and nearly unbelievable rise in cybercrime has led organizations to strengthen their IT infrastructure and boost cybersecurity through the following solutions:

  • Integrating cloud-based IT services
  • Outsourcing to a managed DNS provider
  • Utilizing a professional VPN service
  • Outsourcing cyber security management
Cyber Security Management

If you’re hesitant to trust your cybersecurity to a third-party provider, take a look at the following reasons you should reconsider:

Access to dedicated cybersecurity specialists

Outsourced cyber security management providers can help organizations of all sizes but having access to a dedicated security team is particularly favorable to smaller businesses. This is because of the struggle when it comes to hiring internal IT staff with sufficient security expertise. There is an ongoing shortage of talent and smaller businesses often don’t have the capacity to onboard the right professionals.

Cybersecurity providers, on the other hand, can provide you with a pool of qualified specialists who can help you:

  • Monitor the tactics and behavior of cybercriminals
  • Identify network vulnerabilities
  • Detect and respond swiftly to incidents

Business compliance

Cybercriminals are getting more and more creative when it comes to finding a way to breach an organization’s network. No matter how many security levels you are currently implementing, you can’t think of your business to be a “low risk” target for cyber-attacks.

Safeguarding your company data is crucial as the consequences of a breach can affect customer trust, your reputation, as well as your compliance with the ever-changing state regulations. Failing to comply may result in damaging legal actions.

When you seek help from managed cybersecurity providers, you can rest assured that sensitive customer information and business data are kept safe with their round-the-clock monitoring capabilities.

Keep up as technology evolves

There is a continuous development in technology, which simultaneously increases the risk of cyber threats to IT networks. The advent of IoT (household or office appliances) creates even more end-points that must be constantly evaluated for vulnerabilities.

As such, human analysts may find themselves struggling to keep up with these developments—that is, if you have access to the right professionals in the first place.

Managed cybersecurity specialists have the capacity to continually evolve with technology. This provides you with the opportunity to go along and give your business the ability to detect malicious activities and single out vulnerabilities with greater accuracy.

Proper education of internal IT teams

Dependable cybersecurity specialists can help provide your internal staff with new knowledge and skills. Most in-house IT teams don’t have the mastery or resources to deal with vulnerabilities within networks, operating systems, and web applications. These are areas you can put in the hands of your trusted managed cybersecurity provider.

The unity of both teams makes it easier to uncover blind spots, which minimizes the risk of data breaches that could rather occur from human error.

More cost-effective

Going back to the shortage of talent in IT security, qualified cybersecurity professionals often call for higher salaries. This is something small to medium-sized companies may struggle with.

Entrusting cybersecurity responsibilities to an existing IT team may not be a good idea as well as it can potentially overwhelm them. This would take away the time needed for your internal staff to efficiently manage IT networks and create new solutions for the company.

Put simply, cyber security management is a full-time role in itself. An area that could be easily taken care of by outsourced providers that are offering affordable and scalable cybersecurity service packages.

24/7 support

The longer a cyber attack goes unnoticed, the more damage you may incur to your IT systems. This will ultimately affect your entire business operations, especially as it would require a more extended recovery period.

A dedicated team who can respond to threats 24/7/365 can help you mitigate the knock-on effect on your operations by providing immediate solutions and ensuring there is less downtime.

Final Thoughts

It’s not such a bad idea to seek help from reliable third-party providers for your IT needs. Especially when it comes to cyber security management, it could actually be a costly mistake for most organizations that are going it alone.

Dedicated cybersecurity providers, such as Comodo, can supply you with in-depth knowledge and skills you may need to keep track and respond to threats as quickly and efficiently as possible. This also helps your business to relieve the tedious responsibility of securing your network and valuable company data.

Get your peace of mind today by having a solid team of professionals ready to fend off a plethora of sophisticated threats. Contact our expert team and see how we can help.

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