Advanced Endpoint Protection

As a combination of Comodo’s suite of award-winning enterprise level security products plus the innovative use of selective containment with dual-approach file analysis, Comodo ONE provides complete Advanced Endpoint Protection, thus delivering on the promise of Malware Problem Solved.

Utilizing default-deny architecture, Comodo’s multi-layered approach to containment accelerates beyond the 45% effective rate of traditional AV solutions, with the full ability to defeat zero-day threats, while having no impact on end-user experience or workflows. All untrusted processes and applications are automatically contained in a secure environment. Safe applications are free to run, while malware is denied the system access they require to deliver their payloads.

In addition, Comodo’s Advanced Endpoint Protection solution is integrated with Comodo’s local- and cloud-based Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection (STAP) engine which allows for the quick verdicting of unknown files to either good (whitelist) or bad (blacklist) thus keeping unknown files in containment the shortest time of any solution on the market.