AMT SSL Certificate

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Comodo in Collaboration with Intel®

Key Features of SSL Certificate

  • Provides authentication and encryption for the remote configuration of Intel® vPro™ Platforms.
  • Official Intel® approved certificates to create a secure connection for configuration data to be sent down-the-wire to the Intel® vPro™ platform without a physical touch required by IT.
  • Works with Leading ISVs such as Altiris/Symantec, LANDESK and Microsoft SCCM
  • Range of certificate options:
    • AMT SSL Certificates
    • AMT Wildcard SSL Certificates
    • AMT Multi-Domain SSL Certificates

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Overview of SSL Certificate

Comodo in collaboration with Intel® has developed the AMT SSL Certificate specifically designed for use with PCs based on Intel® Active Management Technology, a feature of Intel® Core™ vPro™ Platforms.

Intel® Active Management Technology includes dedicated memory, communication channels and isolation hardware that allows authorized IT technicians to remotely access networked Intel® vPro™ Platforms, regardless of the state of the OS or even in a powered-off condition.

This unique feature allows administrators to remotely view their hardware and software assets to ascertain information such as operating system status, patch management or the upgrade level of each machine. In the event that something goes wrong, IT administrators can use Intel® vPro™ technology to reduce expensive desk-side visits and even to identify and diagnose potential problems before they cause a failure.

Intel® has embedded Comodo's public root certificate into the firmware of the Intel® vPro™ platform so that connections from servers with an AMT certificate are automatically authenticated. With a Comodo AMT SSL certificate on their setup and configuration server, IT Departments can easily create a trusted and secure connection to their user's machines.

Comodo offers a range of AMT Certificates which cover a variety of enterprise requirements:

  • Securely connect to Intel® vProT based platforms from management servers hosted on a single FQDN.

Available from P.A.O per year

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AMT Wildcard SSL Certificate

  • Secure connections from multiple management servers hosted on any sub-domain of an FQDN

Available from P.A.O per year

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AMT Multi-Domain SSL Certificate

  • Secure connections to Intel® vProT based platforms from 3 different FQDNs. Additional domains cost from as little as P.A.O per year.

Available from P.A.O per year

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