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About Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo is the second largest Certificate Authority (CA) in the world, servicing over 700,000 businesses. As a well-established CA, we are in the position to offer our clients a comprehensive solution with full rights or unlimited certificate deployments. These are essentially the same certificates or better than those purchased from your current supplier without the high cost. We are able to reduce spending by 30-50%.

With our SSL certificates, not only will your website enjoy the highest security but you’ll also instantly win the trust of your customers and convert more sales.


These certificates are the lowest cost means of securing a website but do not provide authentication or validation of the business behind the website. Unlike EV and OV certificates, DV certs provide are validated and provisioned automatically via an online interface using a system of 'challenge-response' emails. If the site you are on is using a DV certificate then Dragon will change HTTPS to yellow and place a yellow alert symbol over the padlock. This is to inform you that the organization behind the website has not been authenticated so you may want to proceed with caution