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GLOBAL threat intelligence


Comodo's sophisticated verdicting engine provides you insight with 100% trust on all files in your network at lightning speed

  • Integrates with Any Endpoint Vendor
  • Keep Tabs your Sensitive Data
  • Instant Trusted Verdicts on All Files
  • Automatic Cloud-Delivered Updates

Test your current network protection

Quickly identify threats lurking on your network with 100% file verdicts in under 5 minutes

Enhance your security to respond in seconds

Other vendors leave a window of time for your data to be exposed to cybercrime attacks



It is mathematically impossible to stop 100% of cyber threats from entering your network. Advanced Endpoint Protection bulletproofs endpoints by restricting threats of their write privilege to the hard drive, CPU and registry. Only Comodo AEP provides trusted verdicts on every unknown file 100% of the time.

Malware Anomaly
45 second trusted verdicts

Protect against 100% of unknown email executables, while still allowing users to immediately run unknown files

no installation required

Prevent email-spoofing and impostors that target your organization's sensitive information

centralized console

Quick and easy deploy customizable policies and advanced search options with all major MTAs compatible

Global Threat Intelligence
dark web just got brighter


Spam is more than an annoyance; it's a costly productivity-killer. Large volumes of unwanted emails overflow inboxes, hiding legitimate emails. Comodo's Secure Email Gateway uses a sophisticated array of spam filters, anti-virus scanners, phishing prevention and content analysis engines to prevent unsolicited mail from ever entering the network.

  • Protect against 100% of unknown email threats,
    without user interruption.
  • Prevent users from leaking sensitive data through email.
  • Block spam before it even enters the network


Security needs differ from employee to employee. Apply security profiles and permissions for various departments and users to protect sensitive data within the organization.

  • Create user-based profiles to apply different levels of
    security for different departments and roles.
  • Perform advanced searches to locate
    important information quickly.
  • Easily access any emails in the archive,
    without losing any past emails.
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GLOBAL threat intelligence

Secure sensitive data from exposure by email by creating user-based policies, enabling advanced threat protection, and preventing email data leakage with Comodo's Secure Email Gateway.

select type of installation
File Lookup Service

Queries related to globally known bad processes or executables

Valkyrie Threat Hunter

Identify advanced threats in your network and devices

Static Analysis Detectors

1,000+ static detectors include binary level analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Behavioral and environmental analysis watching for evasion

Ai - Machine Learning

Vector machines, naive bayes, decision trees and neural networks

Application Whitelisting

Intelligence on known signed applications and publishers on the web

Reputation Analysis

Analyzed malicious files receive a verdict score

Expert Human Analysis

Human analysis to ensure 100% verdict on all unknown files

Targeted Malware Monitoring

Sandbox and analyze new zero day botnets to eliminate threats

Stolen Credential Monitoring

See real time stolen information on you, partners, and vendors

10 Day Historical Analysis

Review what has happened on the web from the past 10 days

CISO Turnback the Clock™

CISO Turnback the Clock™

Real Time Malware Analysis

See real time trends and data live in your dashboard

Real Time Blacklist Safety Sync

API feeds directly from our Intelligence Fusion Platform

Real Time Phishing Protection

Live updates on new phishing attack to alert employees

Real Time Reporting

Gain visibility of all web activity through custom reporting tools

enhanced cybersecurity

add-on modules

Endpoint Protection

While unknown files are in containment, the files are immediately analyzed in the cloud by Comodo's Valkyrie Verdicting Engine.

Detection & Response

Continuous real-time visibility so you can identify attacks with the accurate rootcause analysis for effective remediation intelligence

Managed Detection & Response

Our security operations center gives you fully managed solutions for today's biggest problems facing everyone's security today.