You might think you don't have any malware or infections because you ran a full system scan and it came up clean....

but your scan only looked for the files that are known to be malicious....

Any unknown files that are not on some antivirus blacklist are a ticking timebomb. The average scan won't be able to pick them up until after they detonate and leave a catastrophe that you have to clean up.

With a FREE Forensic Analysis from Comodo, using a patented process with default deny approach to stop unknown threats, you can single-handedly protect every single endpoint from data breaches, cyberattacks, ransomware and more, without the need for any updates, so you can focus on doing work that matters.


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FREE 30 Days Trial

Endpoint Protection Coverage - Up to 200 devices

Mobile Security Management - Mobile Device Manager and Inventory Manager allow for the remote provisioning, configuration and control of android, iOS and Windows devices.

Mobile Device Management - Create default security profiles for devices and endpoints, schedule regular malware scans, create application blacklists and whitelists, define password complexity, restrict device access to corporate mail, force encrypted communications, track user activity and more.

Comodo Valkyrie™ Cloud Based Sandbox, static and dynamic analysis

Security Management - allows for the configuration of security policies and visibility into the security posture and health of your enterprise endpoints

Remote Management - including ultra-fast remote desktop sharing and full device takeover as well as remote monitoring including (full stealth) allows your IT team to provide support and ensure compliance throughout your distributed enterprise and for your remote users. Anti-theft features such as find-my-device, & 'sneak peek' ensure lost or stolen assets can be investigated or recovered.

Patch Management - push critical applications and security updates out to endpoints, reducing risk to your organization by known exploits in the wild.

Automatic Containment - automatically force them to run in isolation, never risking corporate data.

Behavioral Analysis - Identify unknown software applications, quickly moving them to a verdict of known good or known bad with Comodo's local, and cloud-based Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection (STAP) engine.

True Endpoint Security is About Prevention Not Just Detection

Unlike most endpoint solutions that rely on a blacklist to block known bad files but allow unknown files to run on your endpoints. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection runs all unknown files in a lightweight virtual container- where they can be used safely and analyzed automatically - for a verdict of either good or bad.

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