Active breach
challenge series

Tour '19

CISO, VP of IT and Heads of SOC or IT Operations gain the most insight to the business justification of having the right platform to solve the threat management problem.

Amazing food by
a renowned chef

Best in class cybersecurity
vendors will be challenged

Conversations with like-minded
cybersecurity experts

Join Comodo for an exclusive
lunch and private, interactive demo

Grab your seat for a one-hour, free lunch-and-learn demonstration. By attending your eyes will be opened to the reality that your current cybersecurity provider only protects 99% of your network leaving your business at risk for a data breach. We will unveil powerful technology that will help you understand how to activate breach protection.

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new york, ny
chef - carmen quagliata
June 12, 2019
new york, ny
chef - melissa rodriguez
June 26, 2019
the grill
new york, ny
chef - Will Cox
july 10, 2019
cafe boulud
new york, ny
chef - daniel boulud
july 31, 2019
American Cut
New York, NY
Chef - Marc Forgione
August 14, 2019

Are you hungry to know how secure your endpoints are?

Rather than try to convince you with talking points, we want to show you how effective our technology is LIVE. We're taking the show on the road to cities around the US to demonstrate our effectiveness versus the competition and give everyone the chance to prove us wrong. That's how much we believe in our technology.


experience fine cuisine and see cybersecurity the way it should be

As engineers, we like to show not tell. See how Comodo performs against top competitors in the marketplace. Comodo takes on Symantec, Sophos, Crowdstrike, Carbon Black to find and detect malware. How will your technology score in the Endpoint Protection Wars?

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Frequently asked

who should attend the abc series?

CISO, VP of IT and Heads of SOC Operations gain the most insight to the business justification of having the right platform to solve the threat management problem. Insights gained from hundreds of organizations will be provided to show how the organization can mature in an affordable way.

SOC Analysts, Security Tool Managers and Tier 2 and 3 Security Responders will quickly see how they can get to the answers they want about the threats evolving in their environment. How they can respond before the threats get out of hand!

where are these abc events?

Most events are hosted in restaurants during the normal lunch and business hour. Designed to be easy to get to, justifiable to attend (everyone has to eat, right?) and educational in nature. Leave the selling to the sales reps - we’re marketing and technical folks.

what do i learn from the abc series?

Your time will be valued. You should walk away with a previously unseen experience of comparing ‘old’ vs ‘new’ worlds of technology designed to solve the same problems but in a modern, more effective and efficient way. Our hope is that you no longer feel ‘trapped’ by technology and rather ‘freed’ from it to have technology fit your organization - and not the other way around.

will there be online recordings?

Unfortunately the experience of this event is not compatible with a webinar or video. Its highly interactive and engaging. The only way to see it is to be there! Look for Comodo Cybersecurity in your city and at your favorite cybersecurity IT events.

see cybersecurity in action at abc during your lunch

Product Overview

Comodo's platform offers your business a zero trust environment to provide breach protection for your digital evolution.

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Make your life easier, your customers safer, your employees more productive and your data more secure with the Platform.

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Are you still relying on traditional antiviruses and antimalware for protection? You might be at risk. Threat labs around the world detect over 1 million new strains of malware every single day.

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