On-demand webinar


The Endpoint Protection Problem Revisited:

The Analyst View

Join NATO Cyber Center Ambassador Dr. Kenneth Geers, 451 Group Security Analyst Fernando Montenegro, and long-time analyst and current Comodo Director Marco Coulter as they discuss the most (and least) effective ways to secure your endpoints from today's ransomware, backdoors, and other malware threats. Hear directly from the experts in this unique, OnDemand webinar.

Join us to learn:
  • Whether sandboxing, containment, whitelisting, machine learning, A.I., or some combination of these approaches can best secure your endpoints
  • Answers to your big endpoint and cybersecurity questions and concerns
  • Our experts' recommendations and suggestions to improve your security posture
  • The facts about usability and ideal security posture tradeoffs
  • What a "zero infections" approach looks like today

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  • Kenneth Geers NATO Cyber Centre
  • Fernando Montenegro Senior Analyst, 451 Research
    Information Security
  • Marco Coulter Comodo Director