Comodo Partners Newsletter
December, 2009
Comodo Partners
In this issue:
Comodo Secure DNS
A word from our VP Marketing
Ponemon Survey, new PCI Compliance data
Check out new Partner Logos
Another Comodo security tool free for you and your customers
Comodo Secure DNS is a domain name resolution service that resolves your DNS requests through our worldwide network of redundant DNS servers. This can provide a much... Domain Name Server (DNS)
A Tip from Comodo Group's VP Marketing
The Comodo companies are constantly looking for ways to help our partners be more successful. You may have heard about or seen Comodo.TV, our Internet Video initiative. Started earlier... Tip from VP
New Ponemon survey about PCI Compliance
The Ponemon Institute recently issued a new study. They surveyed about 517 total US and multinational IT security professionals involved in PCI Compliance initiatives for their respective companies. In the survey... Check PCI Survey
New logo for Comodo Partners
Comodo Partner Logo We've updated your logos. Please visit
to get new partner logos for your site.
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