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Comodo Notifies VeriSign of Major Security Vulnerability and Urges VeriSign to Correct, Remediate and Notify its Customers

Comodo recently requested an independent
SSL Security
third-party notify VeriSign of a security vulnerability affecting its customers Web sites, including a major financial institution. While Comodo was not in a position to fully evaluate the scope of the vulnerability, Comodo believed it to be a significant security concern for VeriSign's customers (and users of their customer's Web sites) that rely on secure SSL Digital Certificates to transmit business and personal data. Comodo urged VeriSign to take immediate steps to correct and remediate the vulnerability and notify all their customers who may be affected by this vulnerability. Comodo followed the Vulnerability Disclosure Guidelines of the Common Computing Security Standards Forum (CCSS) by using an independent third-party as a medium for disclosure. It provided a disclosure document to VeriSign outlining the vulnerability. Read more...
Comodo SSL Certificates
Industry News
Comodo Surpasses Verisign By Securing 15% More Web Sites
Comodo has surpassed the VeriSign brand in the number of SSL Certificates currently in use. Based on independent research conducted by, Comodo has now supplied 15% more valid SSL Certificates to Web sites than VeriSign has. This data is also reinforced by Comodo's extensive research of over 1.5 million valid SSL Certificates.
A tool developed by collected the root certificates from Alexa's Top One Million Web site list. During the process, 350,000 hosts were queried, and over 50,000 SSL entries were bound. The resulting data demonstrated that, out of those entries, 8,049 SSL certificates were issued by Comodo and 6,944 were issued by VeriSign.
In a recent blog post, VeriSign's Product Marketing Executive, Tim Callan, stated that the research is an "excellent piece of work" which may accurately reflect market share, specifically the million largest Web sites.
Comodo's proprietary Web crawler has randomly analyzed a sampling of over 1.5 million valid SSL certificates, and out of the 1.5 million SSL certificates sampled, 210,000 were valid Comodo SSL certificates, while 175,000 were valid VeriSign SSL Certificates. This reinforces the data because there was only about a 1% difference between the two separate results.
To review crawler up-to-date analysis, visit
Endpoint Security Product News Comodo Announces Next Generation Advanced Endpoint Protection Version 1.6
Now Available in Chinese

Comodo announces the release of its new Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection 1..6 software available immediately. Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection
Advanced Endpoint Protection 1.6 is integrated with Comodo Internet Security, rated #1 in proactive security by, an independent security testing authority. ESM 1.6 combines the unparalleled malware prevention of CIS software together with powerful central administration features for businesses with dozens to thousands of PCs. Read more...
Comodo Internet Security Comodo Is Leader in Matousec's Proactive Security Challenge With a Perfect Score Among Top 10 Internet Security Vendors Research Firm's Criteria Based on 148 Security Tests in the Testing Suite
Comodo announced that the research and software testing firm,, has placed the company in the top position among 10 Internet security vendors, according to a recent published analysis. Out of ten
vendors tested, Comodo Internet Security 4.0 was the only solution to receive a 100 percent rating, and was the only solution that met and exceeded all 148 tests. Read more...
Comodo Notifies VeriSign of Major Security Vulnerability...
Comodo Surpasses Verisign By Securing 15% More Web Sites
Comodo Announces Next Generation Advanced Endpoint Protection Version 1.6
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