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Big Improvements to Comodo Backup
Comodo Backup offers new features to make network backups easier and more precise than ever. Users can automate their backup procedures by saving their commands into executable script files. In addition, the script files the software creates can be copied to Comodo Online Backup.
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Comodo Backup
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Industry News
Massachusetts' New PCI Law Effective March 1
In response to giant data breaches of the recent past, Massachusetts is about to put into effect the most
rigorous data protection law in history. This three page law details security measures that all companies handling sensitive data will be required by law to implement, including:.
Maintaining encryption
Training employees
Implementing firewall configuration
Regular system monitoring, among others
Comodo can help you abide by this law with the encryption and PCI solutions that we offer. You can view our offerings here
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Comodo SecureEmail
Inside Scoop
Comodo SecureE-mail Version 2.5 Released
Comodo's new version of SecureEmail integrates with Outlook, making it easier for enterprises to send their emails confidentially. CSE supports overriding Outlook's encrypt/sign buttons. Unless your users willingly override CSE's settings, all mails, under
CSE's settings, will be encrypted and signed automatically, eliminating the decision for your users.
Comodo SecureEmail's patent-pending technology allows you to send encrypted emails with a one-time use certificate, or for your recipient to open the email on a web-based reader.
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Comodo Backup Improvements
New Comodo SecureEmail
Massachusetts new PCI law
Help Haitian Victims
Insider Security
Tips on How to Help Haitian Earthquake Victims
A new video advises about the risk of donating to good causes online, when your good intentions fall into the hands of cyber criminals. "Do your homework," warns the video. Don't let your kind donations end up in the hands of criminals. See the video
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