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Law enforcement appliance subverts SSL recently published an article exposing the law enforcement and intelligence communities recent use of forged SSL certificates from trusted Certificate Authorities to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks and steal information that is otherwise encrypted and meant to remain private between two parties. SSL Security
Here at Comodo, we find this news upsetting and want our customers to understand that under no circumstances have we or will we ever be a part of this activity. Any certificate that Comodo has issued has undergone the necessary validation and is believed to be Comodo trustworthy.Learn more We want to hear from you. What are your thoughts on forging certificates for law enforcement and the intelligence community? Take this quick poll and let us know.
Melih about Internet Security Security Insider Cybercrime has found a softer target for malware infections: Small to medium businesses. In this video, Comodo's CEO will explain what the risks are posed to small business and what protection options there
are available to help mitigate these risks. Watch this video to learn how Advanced Endpoint Protection can help protect your business from end-to-end using Default Deny Protection and put you out of the reach of hackers. Watch Melih here Use Advanced Endpoint Protection to protect your business. Learn more about ESM!
Comodo SSL Certificates Comodo News We are proud to tell our customers that Comodo has surpassed the VeriSign brand in the number of SSL Certificates currently in use. This information is based on an independent research conducted by, which states that Comodo has now
supplied 15% more valid SSL Certificates to Web sites than VeriSign has. This data is also reinforced by Comodo's extensive research of over 1.5 million valid SSL Certificates. A tool developed by collected the root certificates from Alexa's Top One Million Web site list. During the process, 350,000 hosts were queried, and over 50,000 SSL entries were bound. The resulting data demonstrated that, out of those entries, 8,049 SSL certificates were issued by Comodo and 6,944 were issued by VeriSign.Read more about this exciting study
Law enforcement appliance subverts SSL
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