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Volume 2 | Issue 9 | September, 2009
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Reader Survey Results Are In
Comodo's public relations department thanks the 684 Comodo Monthly Insider readers who kindly completed an online survey about the most influential computer publications in their countries.
In case you're wondering, 91% of the people who answered were men. People answered the survey from 74 different countries.
Reader Survey Results  
Technical News
Common Computing Security Standards Forum Making Internet Safer
A joint initiative of antivirus companies, browser developers and certificate authorities works to free Internet users from the threat of malware.
Common Computing Security Standards Forum  
Ask Comodo Joe
How can Comodo Internet Security users configure laptops for multiple network profiles?
Configuring laptops  
Comodo Chuckles
In a departure from its normal educational fare-videos with titles like Hackers got more than 285M records in 08, and Avoiding EV Validation Delays-Comodo's multimedia department presents two short and humorous videos. The first is a parody of Apple Mac's advertising, explaining the misconception behind PC security. PC vs. Mac Parody.
The second is about the frustration of PC users when their computers stutter: I Think I Have a Virus.
Please enjoy these videos, and if you like them, please vote for them and tell your friends. Thanks.
Comodo Mail Bag
The best part about editing the Comodo Monthly Insider is the great feedback we get from readers. Sorry we don't have space to include them all.

I chanced to come across Comodo Firewall through Google search a few years back. At first, I had my speculations about the use of Comodo Firewall, and now I can say after using Comodo Firewall for upwards to three years, it is
without a doubt a top-notch product that surpasses the best for all paid venues; there is no turning back where I'm concerned. The recently newly launched Comodo Internet Security Suite is, in itself, a testament to CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu and everything that stands behind the name Comodo. My heartiest congratulations to Melih and all in the employ at Comodo for the continued success of Comodo in the years to follow.
Best regards,
Kevin C., Toronto, ON
Thank you, Kevin.
I am 82 and use only free software because of my fixed monthly income.
When I heard about Comodo I was so impressed with it I dropped Zone Alarmand AVG anti-virus and other programs for spyware/malware, etc. and gotBOClean.
Thank you, Comodo, for your great software protection for free with automatic updates and firewall info.
Lawrence (Larry) W., Thailand
Thank you, too, Larry.
What's hot at Comodo?
LivePCSupport is now available in Chinese.
New humorous video (see below)
Help Wanted: Good Closers in New York Metro Area
Comodo is looking for motivated inside salespeople to sell digital certificates and corporate products and services from its Jersey City, NJ, office.
For more information, email
Survey of the month
Play Anti-phishing Phil and learn: how good are you at spotting phony URLs? Thanks to Wombat Technologies for their kind permission to link to this game in the newsletter.
Special Thanks
Thanks to Matthew Murray at PC Mag for recommending Comodo Firewall Pro in his article Free Back to School Software.
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